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I have been a registered nurse for almost 7 years and I have met a lot of lousy doctors. Especially ones that know nothing about nutrition. I worked in pediatric oncology for several years and never once did the doctors discuss nutrition with the families. The things that I saw these children eat, simply for the sake of getting them to eat anything, just absolutely horrified me. Deep down it made me wonder if these horrible foods they ate was contributing at all to whether their bodies could heal and conquer cancer. We even had a little vegan girl admitted & treated for leukemia. Of course the doctors believed that it was the lack of animal foods that had caused this awful disease. Fortunately, this little girls mother was an MD and had the wherewithal to stand up for their lifestyle choices. And, I am happy to say, that 4 years later, this beautiful little girl is alive and well.

It’s not very often that you get to meet a doctor that is up on the latest nutritional information. Especially one that understands and believes that eating animal products is linked to the many deathly diseases that have befallen this country. When you meet them, they are like a beautiful hidden treasure that you have just discovered. That is why I was so excited to meet Dr. Michael Greger. I went to a seminar in which he was one of the speakers. His topic was “Stop cancer before it starts”. He was amazing. At first, I was taken back by his goofy nature. But then he became quite entertaining and very informative. His style of public speaking really made the information he gave stick in my brain. I was very very fortunate to be able to sit at the same table with him during our lunch break. He was very laid back, easy to talk to and super intelligent. He let everyone at his table pick his brain for about 45 minutes. It was wonderful. If you would like to check out his website click here. His website has a wealth of information on it. He also has a free quarterly newsletter that you can sign up for.

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  1. Ambra says:

    Hi I am so happy to hear some one else say they feel like the diet these doctors give possibly contributes to CANCER!!! It is absolutely true. My mother just passed away from this awful disease and not once did they ever tell her to eat anything but the usual crap. I wish we could start some sort of movement on this. Meat and sugar large feeders of Cancer. I am happy to hear this little girl is doing well.
    I also love your cute crafts. Thanks for sharing.

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