I can’t believe that Christmas is only 6 weeks away. Yes, count them. That means that I’d better get busy and start preparing for the holidays. With all my crafting and gift making that I have planned, I’d seriously better cut down on my internet time. That’s like saying that I’ll cut down on my chocolate consumption. HA! I’m addicted to blogging and surfing other blogs. I get so excited every time I find a new craft blog. My list of favorites is growing longer and longer. But, I will have to limit myself if I plan to have everything done on time.

With all that I have to do, I still have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming holidays. Since, I love making lists, here are the top ten things I’m looking forward to this year:
10. Crafting gifts
9. Baking goodies and experimenting with vegan versions of my all time favorites (should be interesting)
8. Colder weather and warm clothes ( It’s still in the high 70’s over here!!)
7. Making my very first tofu turkey for Thanksgiving! (we usually buy a tofurkey)
6. Silk Eggnog (yum!)
5. Putting up the Christmas tree with Ethan
4. Going to Arizona (mountains, pine trees, maybe even snow!!!) and seeing all of my wonderful friends and family.
3. Meeting my niece Jasmine Ysabel Elvira ( the newest member of our family)
2. Watching Ethan and Gavin open all of their gifts on Christmas day.
1. Seeing if Isaak will be walking by Christmas (He’s getting there)

With that, I’d better shut off the computer and get to work. I’ve already spent most of the day deep cleaning my craft room, so now it is ready for some serious crafting!

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