Christmas Cards 2005

Every year I make my own Christmas cards. Usually a family picture or a drawing. Last year I was pregnant over Christmas so I made this little card:

christmas card04.jpg

This year I made one with my two little guy’s photo image cut & pasted (via computer) onto a watercolor and marker illustration that I made. I am hopeful that by now, all of my family members and close friends have received their cards via snail mail and email. My aunt and uncle in Australia probably have not yet, in which case this is a sneak peak. Now I give this card to you…my world wide web friends. Thank you to all the creative crafters and amazing artists that inspire me daily. Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year!!

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9 Responses to Christmas Cards 2005

  1. unknown says:

    ohh!!! cute and inspirational christmas cards nice job..

  2. mIA says:

    Cute naman
    Nice bro!

  3. Catherine Mwende says:

    The cards are very beautiful, so keep it up. I would like to see more from you. Please you can use the e-mail address above. May God bless you and wish merry Christmas.

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