Yummy Holiday Treats


Besides being busy crafting, I’ve been baking as well. This years challenge has to been to make yummy treats that don’t contain eggs, butter or milk. Fortunately, it didn’t end up being as big a challenge as I once thought. I was able to make ANZAC cookies (top) and three variations of my old sugar cookie recipe: Peanut butter dips, Thumbelinas with strawberry preserves, and chocolate/vanilla pinwheels. I simply substituted the eggs with ENER-G egg replacer, the butter with Earth Balance buttery sticks, and milk with soymilk. I was surprised that they turned out so well. I was expecting them to be crumbly but they held up quite well.

The ANZAC (Australian, New Zealand Army Corps) cookie recipe doesn’t call for eggs because they were made to be shipped over seas without spoiling. I did substitute the butter with buttery sticks. These are my favorite. They have oatmeal and coconut and they are crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle. They remind me of my Uncle Howie and Aunt Sara who live in Australia. I remember making these cookies for them when they lived in the states and Howie quizzing me on what ANZAC stood for. I think he was just a little impressed that I knew.

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