Illustration Friday- Song

I’ve really been in the mood for painting with brightly colored acrylics lately. So today I decided that a girl with fiery red hair playing a pretty song on a green guitar would best suit the topic for this week.

Some of my favorite songs have a strong guitar influence. For instance, “Never Going Back Agian” by Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey Buckingham sure does play a mean guitar!!! I could listen to that song over and over again!

I once had a beautiful classical guitar that I briefly tried learning to play. That was before kids. Needless to say, I’ve had very little time to continue my musical efforts since then. Someday I have plans of picking it up again and trying my hand at strumming a few notes or two, but for now my fine guitar is the hands of a good friend who can put it to much better use than myself. I am sure that he has been playing many a fine tune with it.

On another note, I just noticed that there were already 350 entries for Illustration Friday with probably another 200 or so coming in the next several days. WoW!!! With the entry list growing every week, I reallize how time consuming it can be to stop and leave comments. So, I just have to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying everyone’s art. It has been a huge inspiration looking through all of the amazing art out there! I also want to send out a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by to leave such wonderful and encouraging comments on my artistic efforts. I truly truly appreciate them!!!!!!

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23 Responses to Illustration Friday- Song

  1. Suzan says:

    Beautiful paint! excellant illo

  2. velvet says:

    this is a beautiful painting.. reminds me of my mom…
    thanks for sharing…

  3. Zorana says:

    Love the colors! Beautiful painting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful image, she looks at piece with the sound 🙂

  5. Really beautiful illo…i love the bright colors and the beauty of the composition. Nice work!

  6. I loved the song….yes, me too… I could listen to it over and over again. Your work is great. Love all the other fun stuff you post along with the art.

    Lyn &
    The Whippy Curly Tails =^..^=

  7. miragee says:

    You know what? I just watched the film “Before Sunset” by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy this evening and I was so enchanted by Delphy’s playing the guitar and singing a waltz song she wrote for Hawke. I was thinking, “Well, if I did a painting based on her beautiful image…” I know that I am too tired to do it during the week:-). Anyway, I want to say that your image reminds me of her. I love the bright tones of colors in your acrylic painting. I’ve always longed to learn acrylic painting, but I am still playing with my collage. I’ll probably get to that part later.

    I’ve enjoyed your art a lot, really. So, thank you too!

  8. Ratlion says:

    that’s a really pretty painting..nice job..

  9. carla says:

    Hi – I must have missed you in the loooong list. Shame on me! I love this image – the colors and the subject. I used to play guitar, but then stopped after my son was born. Years went by, he became a teenager and appropraited my guitar, and then gave it back when he grew up and moved on. A couple of years ago, my BF (who designs electric guitars), had my guitar restored, but alas… I can’t seem to play it very well since I’ve had reconstrcutive surgery on my thumbs! Oh well…anyway, this is a beautiful painting because it reminds me of being a young hippie chick playing my guitar and singing all those poetic songs from the heart. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Shano says:

    Beautiful! I love the composition and choice of colors. Well done!

  11. Urszula says:

    yes, you’re right, it’s so difficult to browse though all entries on IF. And I am glad you’ve commented on my piece – that way I could see your serene painting! You know – I have two kids and always thought it’s immposible to do what you really want while being a mom. But I changed my mind. A yaer ago I decided to get back to illustration. And I think it’s only a matter of determination. Sure it’s difficult but it’s worth trying, isn’t it?

  12. isay says:

    this is a wonderful painting. i like it a lot!

  13. alexa says:

    I love this composition!!! Great colors and warmth…The curves on the sleeves and repeated on the guitar and the hair add a nice touch. This is a great piece!

  14. andrea says:

    This is completely charming! There’s an innocence and sincerity about it that I love.

  15. shoofly says:

    This is gorgeous! Love the composition….Well done!

  16. Geninne says:

    Love the colors!!! You are so creative! Love all the stuff that you make.
    And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, U made my day :o)

  17. Holly says:

    Really great work. Love the colours. Cheers!

  18. Amy Zaleski says:

    Love this girl and her green guitar! I have a guitar not too far off from this shade…a bit more blue but without the pretty swirls. Wonderful mood here!

  19. Big A says:

    I love that guitar! Bravo!

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