Midweek Munchies

It’s time again. Here is the meals we had this week.

Big Salad w/ Sweet Potatoes

Wild rice , Kale and Corn meal Scones

Hummus & Avocado Wraps

Tofu sticks, Garlicky Mashed Potatoes w/ Mushroom Gravy & Broccoli

Penne w/ Garlicky Butternut Squash and Whole Grain Bread Strips

(Click on the highlighted link to see picture and ingredient list)


This week’s treat: Sticky Buns

I got the idea and recipe link for these tasty treats at Loobylu’s. I just “veganized” the recipe by using soymilk, Ener-G egg replacer, and Earth Balance buttery sticks. They turned out very yummy. A little more browned than I would have like, but tasty just the same.

Harmonia has started posting a weekly question. This weeks question: What would you or could you do with Wheat Germ? Buckwheat Groat?
Honestly, I’ve never tried buckwheat groats, but it’s on my list of things to try. As for wheat germ, I haven’t done anything more creative than sprinkle it on my cereals (dry or cooked).

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4 Responses to Midweek Munchies

  1. Michelle says:

    yummy sticky buns! I have to try and post my munchies today before it’s no longer midweek!

  2. shoofly says:

    wheat germ tastes super yummy in shakes! Just sprinkle a few teaspoons of it in with all your favorite shake fixins and blend well! yummm…..

    those buns look delicious!

  3. Vicki says:

    Wow, those sticky buns look amazing! I really wanted to click the hummus & avacado wraps… Your blog is the most inspiring I’ve seen, I really love everything about it. I found you through Harmonia’s Midweek Munchies, and I’m so glad I did.
    ps – those pin cushions are so adorable!

  4. Hello! Your food looks amazing. My daughter is allergic to milk so everything I make has to be dairy-free. I was wondering if you could give me a few recipe or recipe book suggestions. The potato-bean-tofu tacos look especially good as well as the “tofu sticks”. Also, the pasta with vegan sausage, white beans, spinach and basil. Okay, it all looks especailly good! 😉 Thank you in advance!

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