Inspire Me Thursday- Think BIG

Inspire Me Thursday is a weekly artistic challenge which is posted on the Thursday of every week and must be completed before the following Thursday.

This week’s challenge:Take a look at your past work and make note of what size art you create most often. Then think BIG! Challenge yourself to make your art bigger, wider, taller, longer, broader, thicker.



big painting.jpg


Acrylic on canvas- 24″x 30″

It’s funny that this week’s challenge is to think big. A few days before this challenge was posted we changed our office back into a formal dining room so that we could put our house up for sale. In doing so, it left a very large and blank wall with nothing for us to hang up on it. All of the paintings that I have ever done have been on a 16 X 20 inch canvas or smaller. I did have a 18 x 24 inch canvas laying a round and thought that I would paint something on that. After reading the challenge for this week, I was inspired to go even BIGGER. So off to the store I went to get a bigger and better canvas. I loved painting bigger. It allowed me to do something I had been afraid of doing before.

Below is a picture of our “new” dining room. It looks the way that it does to please prospective buyers. We really are not formal diners.

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14 Responses to Inspire Me Thursday- Think BIG

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Oh my gosh this is so fantastic…and your dining room rocks, hello! Your red chairs are to die for. You better not sell before I do, ha ha ha.

  2. moki says:

    I LOVE the colors in your dining room!

  3. I echo the above comments, love the colors in your dining room! But I love the painting as well, hmmm, wine. I think I know what is on your mind and you DESERVE it! Glad you enjoyed working big. Maybe after the move, we will see more big paintings…..

  4. carla says:

    Wow! This looks great! It has all those vibrant colors and your “signature” window to the bright blue outdoors! Your dining room looks great, too. I also bought a 24 x 30 canvas and managed to put down a background this afternoon between leaving work and having to come back for a few hours this evening. I may not get much farther than that before Thursday… This is most defintely an inspiration to me. I’ll finish it one way or another!

  5. Kirsten says:

    This is gorgeous! Better watch out, or your prospective buyers just might want you to include the painting with the house! 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, what an amazing painting!!!! It works so well in your dining room! Looks like a photo right out of a decorating mag.

  7. krista says:

    I love the way the picture looks round. I don’t know if this will make sense, but the light and shading at the top, and the curve of the window kind of makes it seem like her environment is in a bubble- or like as though she were a creature in a snow globe without the snow. It is a neat effect, because it adds to the serenity of the picture.

  8. Colleen says:

    I love your illustrations, and especially this one. There’s something happy yet serene about it.

  9. Sarah says:

    I love your whimsical style! Lovely! And your dining room chairs are to die for! Red is my favorite color!

  10. Steph (Khya) says:

    What a lovely piece, nice bold colors, and it goes really well with your dining room!

  11. deb trotter says:

    What a wowza this is. And it looks fantastic in your colorful, cheery dining room. Truly a wonderful BIG piece. Kudos to you.


  12. artjunk says:

    WOW, such a beautiful piece and you hung it already too! that’s 2 big accomplishments. Just grand!

  13. kaivegan says:

    You are quite an artist! The painting works really well with your dining room, which I love, btw.

  14. Jen. says:

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your painting!!! Good job!!!

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