Illustration Friday- Speed

lizard bike.jpg

I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things. For this week’s IF I thought I’d bring up an oldie. Lizards are fast, but they’re even faster when they’re riding a bike with a little friend.

Trio Friends1.jpg

Or with lots of friends. I did this watercolor as part of a trio while I was pregnant with my first born- Super E. They are all watercolor and ink. 11 x 14 each

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19 Responses to Illustration Friday- Speed

  1. Amy Zaleski says:

    These are really endearing…I like knowing that you painted them while pregnant. I love what you’ve done with the sun!

  2. Pati @-;-- says:

    Beautiful characters and colors. I love them all.

  3. carla says:

    These are really very special…maybe a fish doesn’t need a bicycle, but these creatures sure do. I love the softness of the watercolors. It has a very different vibe compared to your acryclic (?) paintings. BTW – congratulations on making throuhg the filming! I can’t wait to see you on TV:> I know you’ll tell use the date when you know…

  4. Jeanette says:

    I love this whimsical drawing/painting. Very appealing!

  5. valgalart says:

    They are all delightful! Love all the different styles of bikes!!! Great work!

  6. The Unknown says:

    What a wonderful illo. You gave me a big smile. Really cute. Great stuff.

  7. Helena says:

    Hi there.. sweet speed eh! thats kinda oxymoron between calming and fast right?


    H e l e n a

  8. Ellen says:

    This is a really neat set of illos! I love them…being that reptiles and amphibians are particular favs of mine doesn’t hurt either!

  9. Oh I love this!! So springy and fresh and the colors rock. Nice job hon!

  10. Shano says:

    I’ve always thought lizards to be much faster than turtles. This gives me a new perspective!

  11. This is a little different from your current work. I like it, really like it….I get those childrens book vibes going on.

  12. Willie says:

    Frogs, finally getting some respect. 🙂

  13. Jaimie says:

    What charming illustrations! I love reptiles and I love how you portrayed these. Really luscious colors too.

  14. Ratlion says:

    Nice! 🙂 So where are they all headed?

  15. rose says:

    Very sweet! I think I like the turtle the best (but he’s not as speedy, I guess)

  16. Twisselman says:

    Wonderful triptych. I especailly like the one that you chose to highlight. Looks like he’s really into the ride.

  17. Oh I love these – and I adore the unicycle! Fabulous and whimsical! A perfect set of illios for speed!

  18. miragee says:

    Oh they are so lovely! I just can’t resist your illos. I guess their beautiful colors and your unique takes always attract me!

  19. Bron Smith says:

    funny frog illustrations, Regina. You should do more humorous art. You’re really good at it.

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