Inspire Me Thursday- Series

The Tree Series

Here is my piece for last week’s challenge. Barely getting it in under the wire. This series is painted on 10 x 10 inch wood mirrors. I had bought several (20 to be exact) before Christmas with thoughts of painting them and giving them as gifts. Well, only one was completed and now I have a pile of mirrors. I had been thinking that these mirrors would make good groupings because they are so small. Putting four of them together gave me a much bigger surface to work with and I love how it all worked out. Now, I am looking at my pile of little mirrors much differently. A series of three horizontally, or vertically would be cool. The posibilities are endless.

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9 Responses to Inspire Me Thursday- Series

  1. this is a FABULOUS series!! consider yourself featured!

    Thanks for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!

  2. Hey, this is reminding me of the painting I started, 4 canvases with branches and red berries. This is WAY more appealing, this is wonderful, and finished! I love the idea of mirrors, and hope you post about the others when they are done!

  3. What a wonderful creative job you have done with this project! I especially like the four squares within the squares, giving a glimpse, a cut out view…clever!

  4. Geninne says:

    Wonderful Regina! I loved how these turned out 🙂 I’ve also embelished those mirrors as gifts, they’re an excellent canvas. Very, very beautiful series of art, congrats!
    Oh and I loved all your new recipes…have you ever done a peanut butter smoothie, it’s delicious…just some soy milk, real natural peanut butter, some honey or agave nectar and shake, shake, shake!
    Congratulations also on your TV appearance, is that cool or what!!!!
    Have a great day!

  5. carla says:

    This is a wonderful, wonderful series! I love the idea of mirrors, I love trees, and Ilove your style…so it adds uo to something very special. There’s something alomst surreal about the mirrors in the windows into another dimension.

  6. These are brilliant! What a clever one you are! I had to really look closesly to see if you had painted on the mirror part or if it was a reflection above…the grass ended up giving it away, heehee.

  7. Sarah Scott says:

    Are these the Ikea mirrors?! I bought some of these also! I am not sure what I plan to do with them yet. I LOVE what you did with your mirrors!

  8. Robyn says:

    What an amazing idea! I can see the IMT is going to supply lots more inspiration than just the challenges.

  9. krista says:

    Oooh Regina. It is beautiful. The possibilities ARE endless.

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