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blue scarf

Super E with scarfYes, it’s the little blue scarf AGAIN. I finally finished it! Well, it’s actually been done for a few weeks, I just finally had time to post it. I am actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. I love the ribbing on it – so soft and squishy. Here is my Super E modeling it. Doesn’t he look adorable? Unfortunately (for the scarf) the warm weather is upon us and we will have to put it away for a colder time.

We went to the library a few days ago and I got some great books for knitting inspiration. AND I just found out that my good friend Maureen knows all about the knitting!! I’m making her come over right away with her needles! Here are the book’s I brought home:

Weekend Knitting: 50 unique project and ideas by Melanie Falick (the little flower shaped washcloths are super cool!)

Oddball Knitting: creative ideas for leftover yarn by Barbara Albright

Hip Knits: 65 easy projects from hot designers from Better Homes and Gardens

I’m most drawn to the Weekend Knitting book right now. It has some really amazing stuff that hopefully my friend Maureen will help me make…..right Maureen?

Here are some other great places that I have found great knitting inspiration:

This fabulous and most amazing art with knitting about connectedness made by Shoofly.

This amazing felted cat bed also by Shoofly( I plan on unraveling some old wool sweaters that I have from my pre-vegan days to try this out).

I love this beautiful shawl by Krista, this super cool drop knit scarf by Craftlog and this lovely wrappy jacket by fluffa.

This wild stripe blanket on knitty is really cool too.

AND I love this Works in Progess side bar by Michelle (look to the left in the sidebar). How cool is that!

I also wanted to link to The Painted Pear’s super cool felted slippers (posted on Jan. 10), but I couldn’t link to that particular post (sorry).

Well, I better do like the bunnies and hop to it if I’m going to get any knitting done!

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2 Responses to Finished Blue Scarf

  1. shoofly says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog and posting links back to me too! how super awesome of you! Thanks for all the kind comments about my new artwork!

    Also, glad to see you’re going to try the felted cat bed out! Felting really is like magic! One minute its all floppy and knit, the next minute (or two, three, ten, or twenty) the knitting lines almost disappear and its one big mass that you get to pull and push and form into exactly the shape you want.

    happy knitting!

  2. Those cat beds are awesome….I checked her out, not too long ago!

    Thanks for trying to link to the slippers,funny, but I have all sorts of problems trying to link to posts that are in archives. All I can remember from what my husband tells me is that you have to include the year or something in the code….thanks for trying. I have a list going for him, and one is to put a button to link to the one and only little tutorial of the canvas rug…sigh….but I can’t say when it will get done! I should just learn this stuff myself, but I am just not interested enough. Happy easter to you and all!
    the scarf is a treat for next year!

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