Cardamom Bread

I got this great recipe for Cardamom Bread from Moki‘s post Wednesday’s Wife. Everyweek she’s giving a little something from the home & heart. Last week she gave this yummy bread recipe.

Cardamom Breadcut cardamom bread

Because I’m a vegan gal, I love the challenge of making any recipe suitable for me and my family-vegan style. It actually turned out great. Of course, I have no idea what its texture would be like with the original ingredients, but my bread came out very soft, and slightly dense. It had a sweet, earthy and very aromatic taste. It’s altogether delicious. If you have never tried cardamom, it’s a very rustic and earthy spice used often in Indian and Scandinavian dishes. Don’t be put off by its strong, pungent bouquet. It’s warm flavor is quite mild in this recipe and balanced very nicely by the sweetness from the sugar. This recipe will definitely go in my cookbook journal. It was a big hit with my family. Thank you Moki for the recipe!

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4 Responses to Cardamom Bread

  1. moki says:

    You are so welcome! The consistency sounds just right! I’m glad it worked out vegan style

  2. That is one awesome picture of a loaf of bread. Cardamom is a delicious spice! And even if it tasted like crap, that picture makes it look like it was delish!

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    Yum! Well, today is May 1st, so bet you are out shopping!!!

  4. amy says:

    It looks delicious. I should have tried the recipe before the temperature returned to ridiculously hot.

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