Dinosaurs & Trees


Here are the shirts I made for Super E. He loves them. Now he wants me to make a robot one and I want to do a couple for my little I-guy. It’s a really fun and gratifying project.

Tree T

I made did this T for myself a couple of months ago. At first I thought it was too hokey, but it’s starting to grow on me. I really like the trees. It would make a great gocco print don’t you think? If only I had a gocco printer (Hint, hint- Ry-daddy).

I’m putting these photos in the Flickr Group: Freezer Paper Stencils.  Check it out.  There are tons of other great stencil ideas!

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8 Responses to Dinosaurs & Trees

  1. Sarah Scott says:

    Are you wearing long sleeves today?!!! Lucky you! LOL I love your freezer stencils, so cute!!!

  2. Oh no, not so lucky. The picture of me was taken in March. It’s about 75 degrees today and VERY VERY humid. I’ll have to put that shirt away for a while.

  3. shoofly says:

    these are really fun! nice work!

  4. …and now clothes! You are truly amazing. These are fantastic.

  5. krista says:

    I Soooo want to do this. I have to figure it out still. And find freezer paper and the right kind of paint. Your creations are awesome.

  6. I thought I commented on this already….losing it.

    I really like all the designs, and happened upon another blog talking about this freezer paper technique too. Your designs are great though. I will need to do this. You always show me the greatest little things…like sewing paper!, and the best rubber stamp maker you are.

    I am going to email you something, right NOW. he he

  7. Anastasia says:

    They look great – looks like fun too!

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