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Italian Vineyard

Here is my Inspire Me Thursday for last week’s challenge. Very very late. I had started it earlier in the week but never had the time to finish it. The challenge was to take yourself to a faraway place. My place would be Italy. I have dreams of going there with my hubby someday (there are tons of other places too). We have not been on a vacation alone together in a long, long time. It’s just part of having little ones (and a tight budget). We will catch up on our traveling plans sooner or later.

Part of my Mother’s Day gift from my husband was for me to have some free time to paint today. He took off with the kids for a few hours to run errands while I painted away. One of the paintings I did I will share tomorrow.

Here is my Every Day in May art # 9, #10, #11 and above is #12

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3 Responses to Paintings & such

  1. Oh wow….When I saw this, it look my breath away. I love the colors you chose, the layout, the feel, every thing! I think this is my new “favorite” painting of yours. It really is magical and totally swept me away to the Villa tucked deep in the painting. Beautiful!

    Happy Mothers Day!!!!

  2. That is truly a wonderful painting, and completely reminded of tuscany when I saw it. The colors and perspective are magical. I am happy you got some time to paint. I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful.

  3. tammy hanna says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Very Gaugin & Van Gogh rolled into one, but with your own special touch. I entered mine late too, but it was such a great topic, wasn’t it, couldn’t resist doing it!

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