Midweek Munchies


I have really been slacking with my midweek munchies, so I will try harder to keep up with my weekly postings. With selling the house, I really have been uninspired to try new recipes. Every time I plan to make something new, we have a showing and we end up having to eat leftovers or something simple.


sweet potatoes
WW bread
brown rice
ww pasta
rice noodles
veganaisse (vegan mayo)
canned beans (kidney, pinto, garbonzo, white)
*animal crackers
tostada shells

* = organic

pita bread

Nothing all too exciting this week. I did make pita bread on Monday. It turned out fantastic. We used some for little pizzas and I froze the rest. I used THIS recipe, but used half white flour and half wheat. There is nothing like the smell of yeast, watching dough rise, kneading into a soft consistancy and hot bread right out of the oven.

Happy midweek munchies! 🙂

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2 Responses to Midweek Munchies

  1. moki says:

    ah you read my mind! I’ve been aching to make some pita bread but didn’t know of a good recipe. Definately giving it a try soon. And I am envying your dedication to your vegan and organic living. I have only a few (3) things I always have to buy organic or atleast “natural”

  2. kathy says:

    And you cook too! I’ll definitely be visiting often. Glad I discovered your blog.

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