Cake & Words

I’ve decided to combine my Illustration Friday and Inspire Me Thursday this week. My youngest sister is soon to be married in August and also a cousin next month. Since wedding cheer is in the air, I was inspired to create a wedding cake coupled with a lovely poem by Emily Dickinson. All this wedding talk brings me back to my wedding day almost 13 years ago. One of the most wonderful days of my life. My groom & I walked on clouds the whole day!

Watecolor & ink. Words applied digitally.

Wedding cake with words

It’s all I have to bring today,
This, and my heart beside,
This and my heart and all the fields,
And all the meadows wide.
Be sure you count- should I forget,
Someone the sum could tell.
This and my heart and all the bees,
Which in the clover dwell.

~Emily Dickinson

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21 Responses to Cake & Words

  1. Jaimie says:

    This is charming and I love Dickinson. Nice coupling of art and poetry

  2. Deardeedle says:

    I love the playfulness of your line. And the colors are subtly divine. This has nothing to do with your cake image, but I love your background pattern on your website. Nice.

  3. virginia says:

    So Cuteeee, I love it!

  4. erika says:

    cute and delicate. i love!

  5. carla says:

    This is so charming! I love the outdoors country feeling of the scene…it is refreshing. The ED poem is perfect…how lovely:>

  6. I love that. I really like that style. Are you using that for the invites or some part of the wedding….?

  7. Amy Zaleski says:

    What an alluring illustration! Ms. Dickinson’s words are perfect! Very sweet indeed!

  8. valgalart says:

    i love this!!! perfection!

  9. Holly says:

    Thisi s quite lovely. Love the Dickenson poem.

  10. i like this the poem compliments the pic to to a tee. nice work

  11. This is so romantic, both picture and poem, great to combine two things in one, perfect!

  12. Hardwax says:

    This is beautiful and charming, what a wonderful place to be and to celebrate. I love the details,especially the sweet little flowers, and the Emily Dickinson is perfect with this. Wonderful work!

  13. Sarah Scott says:

    This is so whimsical and lovely! Is this going to be her wedding invite?

  14. ARVINDH says:

    What a beautiful illustration! You choice of poetry is also great! Lovely!

  15. Zórdis says:

    So sweet and bright, bearer of so romantic event. Very lovely and it brings back happy memories. Great Work.

  16. This is perfect and the poem, I adore. Love the colors, the romantic setting and timeless words.
    Great job!

  17. What a beautiful watercolor! I love the the roses on the corners. The bees – great colors. And the poem is perfect. Wonderful. [ =

  18. Hanna says:

    Weddings are wonderfull, your card showes the happy and romantic feeling I get when I attend weddings. great work, and love Emely!

  19. krista says:

    Oh I love this so much! you are so talented regina.

  20. Anastasia says:

    This is lovely Regina – very sweet and sentimental!

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