Last minute crafts

We are deep in boxes packing up for our big move. I wanted to finish a few things before packing up my sewing machine, paints and all of my craft materials. First, I had to finish my littel I-guy’s outfit for my sister’s wedding. Super-E and my nephew are also in the wedding and are wearing white short-sleeve dress shirts with black shorts and red suspenders. I couldn’t find anything similar for an 18 month old (well, anything that I could afford) and so I made this using McCall’s pattern #2033. It’s one of the very few boy patterns out there, by the way. I-guy looks quite addorable in it, kind of like a little penguin. I added red and black grograin ribbon for a more formal look.


I also made these little thank you cards to send out for Super-E’s birthday gifts that he received. He made little pictures of himself and I transfered them to rubber stamps. He loves how the stamp turned out and has been beggin” to do more.

tcard3.jpg tcard4.jpg


We have lots more packing to do. My postings will be pretty sporadic from now on until we get settled in our new digs.

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4 Responses to Last minute crafts

  1. rebecca says:

    well, hhhheeeeeellllllooooooo! I have missed you sooooo much. Was wondering if you moved yet? I have just skimmed over all the posts I missed, and you sure have been keeping up, even with all the packing and prepping for moving!!!!!! Love the button jewelry! Have always loved your taste.

    I have just returned from 10 days on an island off the coast of maine….no electricity, so no computer. My mom’s laptop is available for another hour or so… I desperately needed to stop by! Thinking of you and if I don’t get a chance with a computer for a while, I hope your move is smooth! Your son’s wedding outfit is just adorable and I hope the wedding is soo much fun. Can’t wait to get home (5weeks and counting) and sit for hours reading. hugs, the pear.

  2. flossy-p says:

    hehehe that is so adorable. good luck with yur move.

  3. Vicki says:

    you are amazing, regina! that is the cutest outfit ever.

  4. Oh, the stamps are sooooo cute!

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