More buttons


I made another little button bracelet, this time using a cheapy craft store bracelet chain, jump rings and a bunch of plastic black & white shank buttons. It’s a noisy little bracelet, but I kinda like the way it sounds.

buttonbasket.jpgNow, I need to think up more ways to craft with buttons because my Granny gave me her sewing basket during my last visit. This is the same basket that I played with when I was little. So, it not only has lots of buttons in it, but it is jam-packed with memories of growing up with my grandma and grandpa.




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11 Responses to More buttons

  1. rebecca says:

    Oh buttons, sew what?

    Ha ha. That line was used a great deal by me when I was like FIVE! I know I should grow up.

    Love the buttons. I recently went to a antiquey/thrifty shop around these parts and she had a mason jar filled with buttons. She wanted 10 bucks. I couldn’t. Mostly because I, fortunate like you, have a basket of buttons from my grandmother. I wish I could use them more often, but I am such a pack rat, and sentimentalist that I hoard them. And what good does that do me. So I hope you find some wonderful uses for all those beautiful buttons!!!!!!!!

  2. Anastasia says:

    How lovely you now have your grandmother’s sewing basket – must bring back happy memories!
    you could add buttons to totes bags, canvas shoes, throw pillows, make girly pins or hair elastics, glue to a frame, attach to thick rubber thread for napkin holders….buttons are so small but so wonderful!

  3. melissa says:

    lucky lucky! isn’t it crazy that things as small as buttons can evoke such memories?

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  5. alyssa a says:

    how do you make those? can you please send me a tutorial?

  6. teresa says:

    I thought I was the only one. I love my buttons, I love to touch them, match them,count them and just look at them. My aunt took me to a button convention when I was ten. I’ve never heard of one again but I have never forgotten it.

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  10. V W says:

    I started making fridge magnets with my buttons–buy some strong round magnets from a hardware store (8 magnets for $2.10). Use hot glue or elmers, work really nice and look super cute

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