I really don’t have anything to post about, but have this feeling that I should.  Like there is an incredible force pulling me to the computer.  I haven’t had time to craft- too busy working and I also went out-of-town over the weekend. I have nothing to show.  So, hmmmn……

Oh, I know, I know.  I could show you this awesome pile of fabric that my ma-in-law gave me (Thank you so very much!!!).  Isn’t it great.  She met a guy who does upholstery work and he had all these remnants of heavy-duty fabric.  There were four bags full that I sorted through and folded.  OH! the possiblities!!!


I also got some pretty lace trim from my grandma over the weekend. There is probably about 5-6 yards of assorted lace.  Isn’t it so nice to get these kinds of gifts- the kind that make your heart quicken with the promice of new ideas and creations.

I have more to share. Wonderful, wonderful things coming in the mail from the fabric swap I just participated in.   When the last one arrives, I will reveal.

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