Enrichment 2007


Another year has flown by and the holidays are over, I am officially ready to start the new year. Every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish and every year most of them get lost in the wash. This year I thought I’d skip the list, but I love making lists! Then I saw Krista’s list and the groovy way she categorized it. Before you know it, I’m listing and categorizing. I also wanted this list to be comprised of things that would make me a better and happier person — enriched.


* Make more time for my friends. With no family in town, I’ve been realizing how important having friends can be. People to hang out with – kick back and have fun. I tend to become hermit-like on my days off, not wanting to leave the house or even pick up the phone.
* Call my sisters more often – they make me laugh.


* Make weekly hikes with my family a priority. We love spending time outdoors together enjoying all of nature’s goodness.
* Organize easy and healthy recipes for Daddy to use on the days that I work. Ones that don’t rely entirely on the convenient frozen vegetarian items he loves so much.


* Sew clothes for myself.
* Open up shop to sell my goodies (really, this is the year!)
* Complete a collection of maternal/child themed paintings.


* Teach my children the importance of water and energy conservation by setting good examples as parents. Show them we care about the environment.
* Consume less. Really become more aware of what I buy and ask myself, “Do I really, really need this?” Buy environmentally friendly items, support handmade and buy thrifted!


* Become a certified lactation consultant at my hospital to promote and support breastfeeding among the post-partum patients. More importantly, educate my fellow co-workers so they may be more supportive of breastfeeding.
* Learn Spanish so that I may communicate more effectively with my Spanish-speaking patients.

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7 Responses to Enrichment 2007

  1. raesha says:

    Your goals are Muy Bueno:):) I love living in a town where I can use a little bit of Spanish too…I don’t have any family in town either so I especially love your friends goal:)

  2. Harmonia says:

    Neat. LOVE the pics! 🙂 Goals are always good…I have a few of my own…with more on the way!

  3. krista says:

    I love that you are an advocate for breastfeeding.

    Also, all your goals- they make me smile.

    I’m so happy we met, in this strange blogging way.

  4. Anastasia says:

    beeutiful mosaic pics!!! I love your goals for the year…not only are they personal they help others too and the environment issue has become so serious now….all the best with the lactation consultant role – I relied on many wonderful mums when I had BF issues!!

  5. moki says:

    this is sooo cool! I love the way it’s organized! I think I’ll use this idea in my journal project :)-thanks!

  6. Jane says:

    I am with you on the consume less. I have been loving thrifting lately. It is so much more satisfying to shop when there is some hunt involved. Plus I like buying things without all that aweful packaging!

  7. lacey says:

    hey there, you should visit http://www.listography.com to archive and share your lists…seems like you might like it!

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