Ruffles and Pintucks

Thought I’d make a skirt (when I should have been making a tea towel) . Fortunately, me good ol’ hubby made dinner so I could finish up both. Two things in one day! I feel so accomplished.

The skirt was pretty easy. Two rectangles tapered slighty at the waist, draw-string, pintucks and ruffled hem. You can see how I did the pintucks HERE. It’s made out of denim, still a little stiff, will be nice and soft after a few wears and washings. I love this skirt! It’s comfortable yet durable and goes with any top. (cross-posted at  Wardrobe Refashion)

This is for Crafty Daisies Tea Towel Swap. Another ruffle hem, strawberry fabric, ric-rac and embroidery. I couldn’t find any tea towels worth decorating, so I bought a yard of soft, thick cotton fabric, and cut it to the size of a hand towel.

If you’re in the swapping mood (I am apparently), then check out Dawn’s Fabric Charm Swap (please see Moki’s link). Looks fun!

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9 Responses to Ruffles and Pintucks

  1. Emily says:

    What an adorable skirt pattern!

  2. raesha says:

    WOW! Both projects are beautiful. I could live in denim skirts:) The pin tucks are very cool.

  3. What a great skirt! It really looks like it will be great with anything! Two projects in one day is pretty good:) Lucky you!

  4. beki says:

    Very nice! I love pin tucks, but haven’t attempted any yet. The combo of pin tucks with a ruffled hem is brilliant!!

  5. Leah Adams says:

    I love the pintucks! I’ve been itching and itching to sit down and sew som skirts; it seems I go shopping for fabric a LOT more often than I sew. Thanks for the inspiration and tip.

  6. kathy says:

    Love the detail of the hem. I was just thinking I need to make some summer skirts.

  7. Ditto to everything already said — and I know you wrote that it was easy, but it looks like a work of art to me!

  8. Simone says:

    Hi Regina, thank you so much for the tea towel. I love it. Now I just have to wrestle it away from my daughter who decided it would be perfect for her kitchen. argh. Great blog.

  9. vicki says:

    That skirt is so darn cute! Regina, you always amaze me with your creativeness.

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