Shopping around

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Look, look, look what came in the mail over the weekend! A beautiful print by artist Geninne Z. I “met” Geninne through Illustration Friday over a year ago and I have always admired her art. I was so excited when she opened up shop in Etsy and found one of my most favorite paintings as a print. I ordered it right away. Please stop over at Geninne’s blog, she is full of inspiration. She doesn’t just do amazing watercolor art. She sews, knits, embroiders and stamps too. Check out this great article about her too!

I’m feeling much better today after my weekend of coughing, runny nose, fever thing so I thought I’d head out in the hot fresh air and do a little thrifting.

First a new magazine splurge at the grocery store, then lots of nifty thrifted goods: fabric, a zipper, buttons, lace, bias tape and a $4 outfit.  I love the skirt so much, but I’m an inch away from zipping it all the way up.  Dang!  I hate when that happens.  S0, that means I should either:

A) Stop eating a big bowl of soy ice cream every night,

B) Get off my lazy butt and get physical (in the areobic sense), or

C) Rip out the entire waist and zipper of this skirt and MAKE IT FIT!!

Frankly, they all sound like a major draaagggg!  At least the shirt fits!

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4 Responses to Shopping around

  1. cd&m says:

    There is nothing like a little thrifting to make you feel better!

  2. Kelli says:

    I hear you. One day at a time, right? I am working on portion control at my house. 🙂

  3. Charli says:

    I just picked that issue up at the grocery store last week too! I LOVE it! I got her last issue- which was the first issue I’d ever bought, and I really like it. Very inspiring!

    Oh, and just go ahead and fix the waist on that skirt- I dropped 37 pounds this summer and I am afraid I didn’t even go down a whole dress size! More like I can fit into my smallest pair of jeans in my current size (if that makes any sense)… depressing.

  4. I like that skirt! I think C sounds like the best option:)

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