Cards and cushions

These are the cards I made for my 3 winners. They are carved linoleum stamps on a pretty speckled recycled paper cardstock. I had tried different colors of ink, but the black seemed to work best.

I also have had 3 half-finished pincushions lying around my craft room for a while, and finally decided to finish them up today. I made little heart straight pins for them and I think they add the perfect touch. They are polymer clay shaped around the ends of straight pins then baked. A nice simple and fun little project to do while juggling the sad woes of my three sick guys.


The three pincushions are in my shop, since I won’t be doing that little craft show this weekend with my new group, Sonoran Artisans. This is all I’ve been able to make all week and it would look pretty sad having three little cushions on a table for a craft show.  Aw, well. There will be more shows I am sure.  I will definitely go visit the group to see what they’ve got.  Better to meet them first anyway,rather then jump in head first, I think.

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7 Responses to Cards and cushions

  1. linda says:

    How cool is that? You have a local Etsy group?? I’m sure you’ll have a great time whenever you decide to do a show with them! I clicked on the link and realized that Melanie is who I made the seamstress apron for this week! I’m hoping, so hoping that she’ll get the stuff on time for the show. :o)

    The cards are beautiful! As are the pincushions. You know I’m a pincushion addict. :o)

  2. Lisa Boyer says:

    Ah, your pincushions and pins are precious. Love the cards, too.

  3. vicki says:

    hi regina! you make the coolest things ever, and i’m especially oogling the pin cushions right now. hope you feel better soon – cook up some vegan chikn noodle soup. my daughter is loosing 2 teeth, and i need to make a tooth fairy pillow. any ideas?! 🙂

  4. melissa says:

    oh my- those cards!!!
    they’re fantastic. xx

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