Just Add Water

First, I am amazed at how much vintage sheet love there is out there.  So good to see.  I guess I take it for granted how easily I find these vintage sheets around here.  I wish I could give everyone a little bundle because we all need a bit of that vintage goodness, right?

Well, the heat has been on the rise here and those big monsoon clouds have started to roll in every afternoon, not really giving us very much rain just yet.   Today it was 103 degrees and tomorrow will be up to 106. UGH!  So you see, the summer here, is like other people’s winter in the way that we don’t want to leave the house!  We do manage to get the kids out in the morning but we are certainly going stir crazy by the afternoons.  With gas prices so high and no A/C in the veggie car, we don’t want to drive anywhere either.

So, thank goodness for ideas like freezing big chunks of ice with toys in them.  A big THANKS to Crafty Crow and Let’s Explore.  A little bit of water goes a long way when you freeze it.  Genius!!

Next up on the heat buster ideas, we might try:

Vegan ice cream in a bag

Frozen Banana’s

Melted Crayon Rock Art – I’m curious to see if we can make these without the oven- Just good ol’ fashioned AZ heat.

Super Foam-arator

Nighttime Bug Watching – using a white sheet

Any more ideas would be much appreciated.

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4 Responses to Just Add Water

  1. Bruce says:

    Hey put some money in there–that would be fun!
    Ha ha ha ha!

    Regina your blog is so cool–mine is so lame!

    You know, when it gets like 106 and I’m commuting home on my bike–I take a cold shower in the locker room with all my bike clothes on, then I get on the bike and for, say 20 minutes, I’m okay–then the last few miles to go I’m like, getting my brians boiled out

  2. Missy says:

    I do that ice thing in ice cube trays for the kids bath. The big bucket is a great idea. It’s so dang hot!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds! I can’t wait to try some of them!!! If I think of any new ideas I’ll let you know!


  4. You have probably thought of this already and I know it isn’t the most earth friendly idea ever, but when I was a kid I loved playing in the sprinkler. To waste a bit less water, you can always put it so that most of the water is landing in a wading pool so that they can sit in the pool after standing in the sprinkler.

    Hope it cools down a bit for you 🙂

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