Scrabble Tile Pendant

I’ve been really wanting to make some of these for a while and boy are they fun.  I have a bunch of scrabble tiles from a yard sale and from my mother-in-law, so I bought diamond glaze and Aanraku bails from Sun and Moon Craft Kits. The gal from this shop was so incredibly kind and helpful with my original lost order. She has a great shop with some really fun kits for having friends over and playing.  I highly recommend her shop.

The pendant on the left has a piece of scrapbook paper and the one on the right is also a scrapbook piece of paper but I personalized it with the little bird illustration.  My sister is due to have her baby in 8 weeks so I wanted it to be kinda sweet and motherly.

There are lots of tutorials on how to do this.  Here are a few that I looked at.

Anne Howes Keepsake

All things Littleput

Cinnamon Pink

DIY How to

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11 Responses to Scrabble Tile Pendant

  1. Regina says:

    Ohh Ohh -I have been wanting to do these, also. Yours turned out great – I love that you personalized it with your little birds – they are so darling!!!

  2. Alesha says:

    These are so cute, I just made an order from Sun, moon and craft. These will make excellcent Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Taryn says:

    Those turned out really cute. I’ve got a bunch of the tiles because I’ve been wanting to do that and just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I saw someone with a necklace on the other day and she had used the letter side to spell out her name and just decorated the tiles around the edges. It was cute too.

  4. Marcia says:

    Wow! I’ve been trying to make these tile pendants and can’t get them to work. I think it’s because I’m using “amazing glaze”.
    When I heat it up to melt the crystals a MILLION bubbles form!! I think I’m just going to give in and go with resin!

    Thanks for posting the tutorial links!

  5. Thanks for sharing the links. I want to try to make those!

  6. kristin says:

    you made such pretty ones!! thanks for the linkage…maybe someday…

  7. Michelle says:

    So sweet, I want to make some too but haven’t been able to find the bails (or part with my beloved Scrabble game)… but yours are so great, and I already have the Diamond Glaze. I think I even have a piece of that black scrapbook paper in a drawer somewhere!

  8. hunnybunny says:

    Those are lovely!!! I need to get Diamond glaze, it seems every project I want to do lately calls for it.

  9. They look lovely. This is a project that has recently popped up on my “I wanna try that” list so I thank you for the links.

  10. Sea Lily says:

    I love your work and you’re wonderful, helpful attitude. Have you ever used Triple Thick as a glossy sealer on your pendants? I don’t want to try resin but want a sure-fire non-yellowing, durable glaze. I never hear about the artists using Triple Thick, but that’s the way i was taught.

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