Welcome December!

Now the fun begins.  By fun I mean; crafting like crazy, etsy & indie shopping, friends, family, decorating, gift making, parties, food, and lots of eating.   Yes, it’s gonna be a busy month and YES, it’s gonna be FUN.  I have so much to do, so much to share and another giveaway planned, so stay tuned.

The pictures in this post are from the Anthropologie store windows in New York City.  Seems, perfectly fitting for the first day of December to share these again, don’t you think?

Just a few things:

* New banner. Come by and see it.

* Some great holiday inspiration. Share more with me in the comments if you have any.

* Cyber Monday Madness~ Free Shipping at my shop, Dec 1st-7th.

And finally, the winner of my art print:

  1. wayfarer Says:
    Those doodle pads are so cute. That print would be perfect for my soon to be born daughter’s room.

Thanks for all of the shop support!

Have a Happy Monday!

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4 Responses to Welcome December!

  1. Omageebosh! *continues incoherent muttering*

    I think you just gave me an overload of candy for my eyes. I want my home to look like that SO BAD!

    *considers taking a trip to the dollar store to blow the rest of her x-mas money*

    Hrm, I should probably save any re-creation for next year….

  2. I am absolutely amazed by all the creativity by the blogger. Just amazing!

  3. katie says:

    yes! bring on the holiday cheer! i love these photos.

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