BT4 and Winners

I had so much to do today, that I just now am getting around to my post. Phew!  Whatta day!

First, here are the winners of my ornament giveaway:

  1. raesha Says:
    These are darling! i’d love to be in the drawing:):)
  2. Karyn Says:
    Those are the happiest ornaments ever. I love them so much!
  3. Tricia Says:
    oh me me me!!! This is our first Christmas as a family of 3!! Oh my gosh we would love to have these on our tree!!!
    (if I win will you please sign them before sending, I love your art, and your blog, and your job… )

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments.  As for the winner, please send me your mailing address, preference: bird, santa or house, and I’ll send these off really soon.

I also wanted to share all of my Back Tack 4 stuff.  Such a fun swap and I am so happy I participated.  Not only was the theme really fun, but I made a new cyberspace friend.

Above is what I made Susan.  Bag, pincushion, notebook, tissue holder, ornaments. prickly pear jelly and chocolate.

She sent me a wonderful package with gorgeous yarn, necklace, tea, buttons, candle and i-tunes gift cards.

Check out this amazing necklace that she made!  Isn’t it beautiful!! I’ve been sipping tea and nibbling chocolate ever since my package arrived.  Come January, I will be looking for something special to make with that yarn too!

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2 Responses to BT4 and Winners

  1. Susan says:

    You are so sweet! I have a backlog of posts with one for the backtack exchange on its way. I hope you get some wonderful wintry weather soon so you can feel ready for the holidays!

  2. Tricia says:

    Oh my Gosh we got our ornament today and LOVE IT@!!! It’s awesome!!! thank you again so much! What a great gift!!!

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