Holiday Lights

Every year, one of the neighborhoods in our town, Winterhaven, goes all out with the holiday spirit.

It’s not a requirement to deck out your house with lights to live there, but many homes create their own winter scenes. People come from all over town to walk around and check out the lights and decor.

I found this one particularly amuzing.  Eight Maids A-milking.

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7 Responses to Holiday Lights

  1. I love the last one!! This is going to all my breastfeeding advocate friends. Thanks! Judy

  2. Tricia says:

    ok seriously. I love that!!! I am going to have to show some friends, maybe even hang it in our “milking room” at work!!

  3. carla says:

    I guess every town has its street or house that draws spectators at Christmas time! I love the bottom one – absolutely wonderful and totally funny! Thanks for visiting my blog… I haven’t been around much in blog land so it’s such a treat!

  4. debi says:

    OMG!! I love the 8 maids a milking!! We need that on the bulletin board at work…dontcha think?

  5. wenonah says:

    I love the 8 maids a milking! I saw this in an email from a friend. We decided that house sould get an award! And do you decorate your house?

  6. SeattleSoyGirl says:

    My friend lead me to your site via her being allowed to post your pic. I told her I want to smoosh you with love and affection. What a beautiful and wonderful idea!

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