Celebrate 1/20/09 – Giveaway!!

There is a lot to celebrate today.  One, it’s my birthday, #37.  Two, it’s Inauguration Day- Woohoo!!. And three, it’s the Birds of Change Giveaway.

To win this, leave a comment!

Because I think today is so special and I want to start out this new year of change full of hope and inspiration, I am hosting a blog-wide Birds of Change Giveaway. Not only am I giving this handmade bird away, but many other amazing crafty bloggers have offered to giveaway a bird as well.  Check them all out and leave a comment.  If they haven’t posted their giveaway yet, please check back. Lots of great chances to win a pretty birdie craft.

Sewing Magpie
Life in the Lyon’s Den
Lexi Art & Design
Montessori Mama
Joyously Living Life
Mariek Uniek
Red or Gray
Tales at Wayne Manor
Wagging Tales
Ashlee and Nathanael
Patchwork Pottery
Spinster Handmade
Urban Debris
Heidi Stitches When She Can
Moreart, Less Housework
Crafty oz girl
A New Path
Cultivating Magic
Deborah’s Journal
Mary Jo
And Another Thing
What did she do today?
On a Rainy Night

Please leave a comment on this post by Friday at 5pm (US Mountain Time) and I’ll announce the winner on Friday Night.  When you are done with that, hop on ever to all of the other great blogs, leave comments and win some birds!!

**Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments and birthday wishes. I have been enjoying every single one! I’ve had to change some settings on my site, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. Thanks again!!

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125 Responses to Celebrate 1/20/09 – Giveaway!!

  1. kristie says:

    happy birthday!!!! thanks for hosting this fun exchange and giveaway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday! Happy new-president day!
    Thank you for the list of crafty blogs. I needed something to do to keep me from pacing until the new prez is sworn in.
    : )

  3. dot says:

    Doh! I so meant to join in on this, but totally got distracted. Oh well, I’ll have to see what all cool stuff everyone else does!


  4. Lynn Judge says:

    Love it!!!! Wow

  5. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Such a great idea and I get to discover new blogs since I only subscribe to 350.

  6. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday. What a wonderful day! Beautiful wallhanging!

  7. Yvette says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks for hosting this wonderful swap and I LOVE the wallhanging. FUN!

  8. Blue Plum says:

    What a fabulous banner! And happy birthday! A great day all around!

  9. sfer says:

    First of all, happy birthday!! (Mine is only two days away! #31!)
    Second of all, thanks A MILLION for organizing this! It was too late for me to sign up, being from outside the US and all, but I so am going to participate in as many giveaways as I can… I just love birdies!!
    And third… that wall hanging looks awesome! I hope I’m the lucky one to get it! 🙂

  10. cheryl smith says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Inaugeration Day! What a splendid idea to host this giveaway!

  11. Muriel says:

    Happy birthday! Happy birdday!
    Thanks for including my blog on your list

  12. Kerri Niner says:

    Happy Birthday, guess there are celebrations all over the world today particularly in your neck of the woods. I could do with some hope today so how appropriate that you offered me some. Have a lovely day x

  13. Tam says:

    Happy Birthday! What a great day. We have several inches of snow and are about to snuggle the kids in front of the fire to watch the Inauguration. I’m so excited.

  14. norico says:

    Happy birthday! And yes, I want to win! 😉
    Greetings from Germany

  15. Hana says:

    Happy Birthday ! This is such a great giveaway, I’m excited to visit the blogs in the list

  16. memmu says:

    Congratulations to you on your birthday… I just had mine weeks ago, also the 37th :).

    That birdie craft of yours is really nice!!!

  17. Marieke says:

    Happy Birthday to you and lots of hope and happiness to you

  18. Alisa says:

    Oh happy day! Your bird is just lovely. Thank you for the chance to win. I love your work and your blog is read daily.

  19. Jill says:

    That is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day! You certainly deserve it after organizing all of this. Happy, happy birthday! 🙂

  20. Stephanie says:

    CUTE wallhanging. Thanks for the links. I’m off to visit.

  21. Teresa says:

    Happy Happy Day of Change! And thank you so much for hosting the swap!

  22. Rhonda Mason says:

    How cute! I love your bird! Happy birthday to you and happy “change” to all of us!

  23. Dena says:

    I love this! Happy Birthday! This swap has been so much fun and thank you for doing it. All the best today!! Love your creativity.

  24. April Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday and happy joyful hopeful day of change!!!

    -ErmaKnits from twitter

  25. Michelle says:

    I’m so hopeful for the change our country needs! This wallhanging to beautiful!

  26. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! Your bird is so beautiful. Great job!

  27. Alexis says:

    Happy Birthday!! I have to get my act together and post my giveaway but I got caught up in the inauguration – what a day!

  28. Barbara says:

    What an awesome day it is! A great day for birthdays and new presidents. Your bird quilt is beautiful!

  29. Paula says:

    Happy Birthday….today is a great day for birthdays. Today, my son is 23.

  30. Evelyn says:

    Congrats! A lots of!
    I´m from Brazil, and I love your blog and your works.
    Sucess to you.
    I think I will win thin flag.
    Very Kisses

  31. sm00bs says:

    I absolutely am in love with this banner. It’s so beautiful! 😀

  32. Michelle says:

    Oh my – what a lovely banner! Have a great birthday/inauguration day/birdy giveaway day!

  33. shabby girl says:

    Oh my gosh! That is so darned cute!!! Yes, please. I would love to win that!

  34. Cary says:

    Happy Birthday! Since we are part of the exchange, can we enter the giveaway or not?

  35. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday to You(sung very off key)! Hurray for Hope!

  36. sandy says:

    An amazing banner for an amazing day! And happy birthday!

  37. Ashley says:

    Happy happy happy birthday! What a beautiful bird to give away.

  38. Oh My Gosh! Your Birds is so beautiful! I LOVE it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs, Laurraine

  39. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    I love the bird!


  40. Nichola says:

    Happy Birthday!! Much to celebrate today.


  41. Jo Appleton says:

    What a wonderful idea! Happy Bird-Day! and Birthday! May you have many more. And thanks for all of the new websites to check out!


  42. afri says:

    I would like to have that hope!!
    Happy birthday!!

  43. Tally says:

    I’m German, so this day is more special for you, but *hope* is international and your new president for sure will take better care of international affairs.

    Happy birthday!

  44. Craftastic says:

    Happy Birthday! Your bird banner is just beautiful!

  45. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday Regina! What a *fantastic* day, don’t you think? I hope this year is the best ever for you, full of hope and celebration and joy and promises. Much love to you!

  46. Fabulous! I’ve just posted a link to this post on my blog. I hope it brings y’all a few extra visitors!


  47. tanaya says:

    Happy Birthday! AND…happy bird day too! 🙂

  48. Katie says:

    Oh this is fantastic. Not only do we get a new president, but maybe a new bird too!

  49. Andria says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks for the chance. Your bird is beautiful.

  50. flossy-p says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! 😀

    I love your bird. I would have loved to have joined in your bird swap, but I didn’t have enough time to make and post one after I got back from holidays. Will you be doing it again?

    P.S. Obama!!!!

  51. Lisa says:

    Hey! It’s my birthday too (45 — groan). Talk about historic days!! It figures you’re a capriquarius! You’re so creative.

    Happy birthday to you!!

  52. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂 Today is a glorious day.

  53. Kerry says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a great giveaway…the colours are beautiful.

  54. I’ll bite, I’d LOVE that bird. Happy birthday.

  55. Magpie Sue says:

    Geez, I hope I’m not too late to be entered in the drawing for your give-away! What a beautiful banner!

  56. Magpie Sue says:

    Oops. Sorry about that. You clearly state *Friday* by 5 pm. My bad!

  57. Cathy Nault says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Inauguration Day! What a beautiful bird banner you’ve created. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your talent.

  58. Alicia G. says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the links!

  59. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Creative Mama! Wow look at all these comments! I hope I get a similar response.
    I love your bird!
    PEACE on this very happy day.

  60. Anna S. says:

    What a beautiful banner and a lovely idea for a giveaway. The inauguration and the speech were so inspiring. I had tears in my eyes.
    Anna S.

  61. ~Ahrisha~ says:

    Oh I just love your bird. Mine should arrive at your home soon.

  62. Karen says:

    I love this banner! Great job.

  63. Maria says:

    Very beautiful!

  64. Ginger says:

    Love the banner!

  65. Regina says:

    Regina, what a happy wonderful way to celebrate your special day, and a special day of hope. I love the bird- it is so uplifting!!! You capture so much in your art- just lovely!

  66. jackie says:

    too too cute!!!

  67. Elaine R says:

    I love your bird hanging-beautiful colors!

  68. Judy Streger says:

    What a fabulous wall hanging. I’m glad I discovered your blog due to the Craft Gossip site. I’ll be adding your blog to my Google Reader.

  69. Jeannie says:

    Happy Birthday! I am here from Deb’s blog and I am so glad that I am! I love your artwork. I hope you had a wonderful day!

  70. Lydia says:

    Thanks for this giveaway…it is so gorgeous! I also linked to your site in my Weekly Link Love post this week. Check it out!

  71. Wendy says:

    Happy birthday and Inauguration Day! Thanks again for hosting this swap. Your bird is beautiful.

  72. Lindsey says:

    That is really pretty. Thanks for pointing out all that other cool stuff.

  73. Cheryl says:

    Your bird is exquisite and a wonderful memorial of a historic day. I would love to feed it and pet it every day!

  74. Dulcie says:

    What an inspiring piece for an inspiring day!!!

  75. Patty says:

    That would look so awesome in my classroom! President Barack Obama! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

  76. anna says:

    Beautiful. I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Great giveaway.

  77. Miltonmom says:

    What a beautiful work of art! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  78. tina says:

    Heehee…Just finished my 6th birdie and am about to post one for the giveaway!
    This has been so fun!
    I would love to win your amazing momento of this most wonderful day in History.

  79. jenjen says:

    What a wonderful exchange. All of the birds turned out so great!!!!!


  80. jenny says:

    Happy birthday! I just love this bird! I’m just beginning my art (painting and collage with mixed media) adventure. I’m sitting here visiting my favorite blogs while I wait for layers to dry. I’m so bummed I missed the exchange, but look forward to seeing what everyone has created.

  81. jillian says:

    Love your colour bird

  82. Hannah says:

    This bird swap is such a lovely idea. I found out about it from Urban Debris’ website. You are such an inspiration, good on you. And the wall hanging is gorgeous – love the colours and the texture – is it canvas?
    Thanks for sharing.

  83. Amy J says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for giving me something fun to do at work. I can’t wait to look at all the fun bird stuff.

  84. Fuji Mama says:

    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! What a great idea!

  85. Paula says:

    Happy Happy Birthday (late now!) An incredible day of history and hope for the change our country so desperately needs.
    I’m in love with your Bird of Change! Awesome!
    I really wanted to give one away today, but not quite finished with mine. They will be finished and off to you to meet the deadline though.
    Hope you had an incredible day!

  86. Jane Swanson says:

    I love your bird banner! And I love the word – HOPE! What a creative giveaway idea!
    I ‘hope’ I win!

  87. Susan says:

    Happy belated birthday! Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday too. I’ve recently discovered your blog–it’s lovely!

  88. Karyn says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!!!!!! Your bird is beautiful!

  89. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Regina!! 🙂

  90. Lorna says:

    I made some birds of “hope” this fall. I love yours! And happy belated birthday!

  91. Stephanie says:

    I love it! Oh and Happy Bday to you =)

  92. zoe krylova says:

    what a great day for a birthday! hopefully the celebration continues. and i love, love, love that bird banner!!!

  93. kristin says:

    oh your message of hope is great Regina! what a beautiful piece of artwork. cheers to you and “hoping” that 37 is your best year yet. happy birthday!

  94. Jennifer says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I just found your blog, and I think it’s really cool. I wish I had heard about you in time for the bird swap. Oh well, I am enjoying reading your older posts and getting inspired.

  95. O! I LOVE birdies!!! Hope I win and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!I came here by way of Vicki Hodge!!

  96. O! I forgot to mention I’m having a give-away too for Feb 12th! Please enter my give-away, it’s the Jan.19th post!

  97. Amy says:

    I love what you did! I have a giveaway going for this on my site too, but didn’t see me listed on your listing. If anyone wants to check that out http://whatdidshedotoday.typepad.com

  98. Alesha says:

    Happy Birthday, I love the bird banner, you are so creative.

  99. Tina says:

    Oh, I love birds, and this is so gorgeous. I LOVE the birds of change theme. Yesterday was such an exciting day!

  100. Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday, Go Obama, and yay giveaway! 🙂

  101. Michelle says:

    Do you host a lot of swaps? I’d love to get in on one!

  102. jmbmommy says:

    Here’s to the Makers of things!!! Happiest of Birthday wishes to you!

  103. Carol says:

    Love it love it love it! Happy 37th!

  104. Heather says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! So sorry I missed wishing on the actual day! The bird you are giving away is fabulous! I expected nothing less 😉 I’m still working on mine and apologize for them being last minuters to you. Thanks for hosting this great swap!

  105. Cindy Ericsson says:

    This is lovely!

  106. Cindy Ericsson says:

    Such a beautiful banner!

  107. Elaine says:

    I love your bird hanging! It’s so colorful and Spring-like. 🙂

    I hope your birthday was wonderful.

  108. Angie says:

    Wow! Gorgeous bird! And what a happy day to have your birthday on! Wa-hoo! Happy birthday!

  109. annieb says:

    great swap idea! beautiful beautiful bird … I hope the wind sends her towards me…

    belated happy birthday too btw

  110. Trinity says:

    What a great idea–I loved it so much that I blogged about it! I wish I would’ve known in enough time to participate!

    Thanks for doing something so fabulous, and all on the day that you should be GETTING stuff instead of giving–happy birthday!

  111. Sylvia says:

    Your bird banner illustrates the hope for the future that this new administration has inspired in all of us.

  112. Dayna says:

    I found your site through Montessori Mama. What a great idea. I love your bird! Here is to hope!

  113. valerie says:

    just discovered your blog and wanted to say it’s absolutley fab hope you ahd a really cool birthday and inaugoration day


  114. Michelle says:

    Yay! I was so inspired by you birds of change that I made a whole bunch for myself….they keep cheerfully reminding me of my intended goals for 2009.

  115. Mai Nguyen says:

    These birds will mos defs inspire much pillow talk of love for mother earth.

  116. Amy S. says:

    Happy Birthday! It only gets better from here on out! This is beautiful idea for bringing about change and celebrating hope!

  117. wendy says:

    Happy birthday!!!
    I love your bird 🙂

  118. * TONYA * says:

    Your bird is absolutely divine.

    Happy birthday.

  119. edeczki Anna says:

    Happy birthday. Thanks for the SWAP. It’s my first one.
    Anna from Hungary

  120. edeczki Anna says:

    and your bird is beautiful. I would like it very very:)

  121. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous! What a wonderful example of new hope…

  122. Mel says:

    Birthday wishes to you and national happiness to us all! I love your bird banner!

  123. karen says:

    Love this little birdie wall hanging! Hope I’m not too late for the giveaway! karen….

  124. Debi says:

    Oh, I didn’t know the little bird hanging was a giveaway!! Well, to the lucky person who receives it, having seen and felt it in person, it is quite lovely!

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