Box #19

Dear Francie,

I was a little nervous when I found out my box would be delayed, but kept the faith strong that my fellow crafty blogger would follow through.  And boy did you ever.  I received my fabulous box on Thursday night. I got off of work late, walked in the door and it was the first thing I saw on the table.  An unopened package with my name on it.  Well, the family knows, when there is a packaged, the world stops.  Quickly I opened it and it was as if the wind was knocked right out of me. It was better than I could have dreamed.

First, there is that amazing box.  Where did you find such a beautiful box?  The paint on the front is so perfectly Coraline.  Then I opened the lid and was totally blown away by the contents.  The circus mouse is incredible.  It’s as if he bounced right out of the box, ready to perform.  You must have known how much I loved the circus part in the movie. The cotton candy is such a delight as is the amazing button box (!!!).

All the time you spent on every little detail is so appreciated.  The box in its entirety will find a very special place in my home.

Thank you for your perfectly crafted and amazing Coraline gift.


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3 Responses to Box #19

  1. Jill says:

    What a fantastic swap (both sent and received)! My daughter and I checked out the flickr group yesterday and she is completely annoyed that we missed this one! Its hard to be ten. :0) I love it all, but the mouse and cotton candy are the best! Can’t imagine how much work went into these.

  2. Alexis says:

    Gasp! That mouse is wonderful and perfect. What a treat to receive! I haven’t seen this movie – apparently I’ve missed something.

  3. francie says:

    oh i am SO pleased that you like it! i had two ideas for the box – one was the insects with a treat of chocolate beetles and this was the other one. after doing a little bit of research on your blog (and finding out you’re a vegan!) i decided you and the kids would like the circus one better and it would be less creepy. hehe

    i was also pleased to find a new blog to add to my bloglines. 🙂

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