I just wanted to share these awesome pendants I received from artbeads, my favorite bead shop.  They have free shipping.  How can you beat that.

Anyway, check out this beautiful bird pendant.  I have a thing for birds (as some of you might know) and this really caught my eye.  It is made by artisan Tania Hartman out of resin and sterling silver.  It is very dainty and sweet. I plan on adding some beads to that wire.

I also got these great wood pendants and a couple of beads.  I am very smitten by the wood.  I’ve already made a pair of earrings out of these matching pendants.  I would have taken a picture of them, but it was getting late and I was losing daylight very quickly.

Only two more work days and we’re off on our vacation!! We are counting down the hours! Yippee!!!

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3 Responses to pendants

  1. I just visited the artbeads website… I don’t know if they ship to Germany and I am not intending to find out because I’d be broke within 5 minutes =) Awesome stuff!

  2. Melanie says:

    Wow, those wood pendants are gorgeous! I can only imagine how great the earrings look. 🙂 Popping over to the website now…

  3. Those pendants are awesome! I really like the cut-out wood ones, quite unique. It would be cool to imitate some of those in polymer clay!

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