little treats

Not of the caloric kind, but of the happy crafty kind.

Some new fabric from Pink Chalk Fabric.  I am hoping to do a little patchwork.  Hopefully one of these table runners (I have the pattern already) and maybe a pillow too! The first two fabric pieces (navy & red/pink) are for two new, very much needed, scrub tops.

I also found some F.O.E  at a local fabric by the pound shop.  Only $.15 per yard!  They only had these five colors, but at fifteen cents I bought 6 yards of each color–$4.50 total!!.  I should be having some fun with this stuff.

I also bought some Aqua Gems at the craft store.  Primarily to make some of these awesome neck coolers. Nothing could be more perfect for this hot Southwest weather!  Little did I know that they would be taken over by two little boys.  I have to admit, they ARE really fun to play with.  Unfortunately, because they are round, these little boogers roll everywhere when accidentally dropped. It can be a little trickly trying to find lost aqua gems. I really do need to get the crystal shaped gems instead.  I think they would work a little better for the neck coolers–and they don’t roll.

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3 Responses to little treats

  1. jessica says:

    I must find FOE soon! That fabric you got is terrific–so bright and summery!

  2. Some lovely goodies! 🙂

  3. raesha says:

    How fun!!!! That FOE is awesome. I need to try that out sometime. And I can’t wait to see what you make with all the fabric goodness.

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