Curtains for my craft room

My craft room is the hottest room in the summer and the coldest in the winter.  I thought maybe if I could finally put curtains up, it might help keep the morning sun from warming it up so quickly.

One of the reasons it had taken me so long, was trying to decide of the fabric.  I knew I should use something from my vintage linen collection, because I have tons of it, but I couldn’t settle on anything I had.  Then one day the hubby put up a rod and threw a random sheet up.  It was totally horrible.  Dark and just wrong in every way. It was exactly the motivation I needed to get something pretty and light up.  I cannot be creative in a dark, cave-like room! On further assessment of my stash, I discovered that I could use a few of my pretty vintage pillowcases.

All it took was 3 pillowcases cut in half to make 6 panels. I mixed them up a bit and they were sewn together. I made two curtains (three panels each) so I could open them if I wanted. I also used some old cotton lace to make the tabs.  Easy peasy,  I love them and my room is still bright and cheery.

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7 Responses to Curtains for my craft room

  1. Shannon says:

    They look lovely! It looks so calm and peaceful in your craft room with those curtains up. 🙂

  2. I love to see things that may no longer have a use get put to a different use, obviously your window is an ideal size too. I also love to see peoples work spaces, mine is not as clear as yours mind

  3. Sharon says:

    Lovely! And cheery! But the panel on the far right side – I was given a set of those sheets as a wedding gift nearly 33 years ago. Yikes my linen closet is vintage! I’m still thinking of grandma’s linens as the vintage ones! 🙂

  4. Hope says:

    Those are just lovely. . .what a great idea. I’ve got a coupla vintage pillowcases laying over a chair in my own craft room. This would be a perfect use for them. THANKS!!

  5. Flassie says:

    Oh, They are So lovely!!

    Love the paintings you’ve
    been creating!!

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  6. alicia says:

    i love your curtains very pretty.
    my husband and i are redoing a mobil home
    and turning it into my craft area but i cant decide on a paint color or curtain patterin and decor tips.. please help
    lost in the color wheel! alicia

  7. clara says:

    The curtain is really nice and just beautiful and I think it is a great idea to get to put the curtains in this format, it makes the place look really nice.

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