end of summer break

How did the summer fly by so quickly.

Super-E starts his new Montessori school tomorrow. Third grade!!! We are all very excited about his new school. It is a vegetarian school which is awesome and sugar free (no candy, soda, sugary treats, etc) which is nice too. We usually stick to fruit or homemade healthy cookies and snacks, but last year we were starting to hear more and more complaints about candy and other junk not being in the lunch sack.

Prickly pear fruit is every where right now.  We picked  some for Rocky to enjoy, which he does quite a bit. Watch him eat HERE.  Isn’t he the coolest! I’d love to make more prickly pear jelly, but the fruit is already too ripe and I don’t know when I’ll have time to make some.

Now I’m off to make a lunch mat and napkin…

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3 Responses to end of summer break

  1. Carolyn says:

    Rocky is so cool! I’ve never tried prickly pear jelly… what does it taste like?
    I love the focus effect you are giving your photos!
    I’ve been researching Montessori pre-schools for my daughter, although she won’t be going at least another year. I hope you include a few blurbs here and there on your blog about montessori and how the boys enjoy it…
    take care!

  2. Cheryl J says:

    My daughter has not started school yet. The Northwest starts a bit later I think. I can’t believe she is starting 4th grade. She goes to a public alternative school and they frown on unhealthy food and it is a very art oriented school. I like the pillow idea I think she would like it. One thing I miss up here is the prickly pear stuff.

  3. anna says:

    i am so jealous that san diego of all places has not caught up on the healthy food trend! i dread sending my kids to school on party days. they have not one, but sometimes up to 5 different sweets! i have seen on one plate.. ice cream, a cupcake, some sort of twinkie thing, a cookie, a piece of greasy cheese pizza, and they were handing out snow cones! and this is all at a PRIVATE school! it makes me sick.

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