bits of happiness

TEN Eleven things that are making me happy right now….

1. My new little succulent plant that now sits on my kitchen window sill.

2. My little guys who are dancing around and drumming on the table.

3. My growing collection of art supplies. Papers, paint, pencils, paint boards and brushes. Mmmmmmm.

4. The growing dark clouds that might give us rain later today.

5. My soap guy at the farmer’s market who didn’t have my favorite soap, Vanilla Mint, but found me something I might like even more—Aloha (coconut, mango and pineapple).  Plus he gave me a half bar sample of another kind, Moroccan Fig. They smell scrumptious!

6. Our new Montessori school has been wonderful so far.  I get such a good vibe going there and my Super-E likes it more and more every day.

7. The new pomegranate tree that we planted this week.  It will hopefully give us a few pomegranates next summer.

8. We are on the down hill slide towards cooler weather (I hope). Yippee!!!

9. My sister safely made it to her new home in Springfield, Oregon last week and I will be visiting her in November.  Plane tickets have been purchased~ yay!!!!

10.  My friend, who recently started her own blog, is coming back to AZ after a stretch with her family in Oregon.  I am so happy to get to catch-up and play crafts with her when she gets back.

11. I just signed up for In The Fish Bowl:: LIFE AS AN ARTIST. ONline :: AN E-COURSE. Lately, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve had an extremely intense desire to fill my life with artistic-dreamfilling-heartloving-happy soul making workshops!  (squealing and doing a happy dance!!!)

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5 Responses to bits of happiness

  1. leah says:

    what a wonderful list! yay!!

  2. jessica says:

    That list is a lot of wonderfulness. I kept looking at that workshop as well. I haven’t signed up since it crosses with my licensure exam but I do want to take it or another course when life gets ‘normal’ again. Do you have any suggestions of other courses?

  3. Isabelle says:

    Yay, I’ve been to Oregon – to the ‘Oregon Trail Museum’ because I enjoyed the book ‘The Children of the Oregon Trail’ – many years ago. It was fantastic, an actor, dressed in the costume of the time, read from a diary kept by a woman who travelled the trail as well as other sources who wrote about what it was like to travel the trail.

    This was in 1999 – it has probably changed now, but I bet it is still a pretty fantastic place to visit!

  4. Denise says:

    You will love Marisa’s class. I took her first one and it was fabulous! 🙂

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