Connect: mandala

Connect is the theme for October over at Creative Everyday which seems utterly perfect with how I’ve been feeling lately.

It’s been something I’ve been thinking a lot about. Here is my great wish list of connectedness:

* connect with self: art, tea, yoga, reading, online e-courses
* connect with my family through meaningful family time–really listening, looking feeling.
* connect with my sisters: We spend so little time with each other, especially now that we all live in different cities. Long phone conversations are precious.
* connect with nature: Spend time outside, look up, look down, look closely at everything. Breath in the fresh air.
* connect with friends: Have fun, craft nights, talk, be there for them
* connect with my home: Feel good about my nest, especially when the weather keeps us indoors.
* connect with Tucson:  I’m always thinking about moving, but I’ll be here for quite a bit longer. Might as well dig in my heels and enjoy this place I live in. Maybe I’ll want to stay for good.
* connect with my creativity:  Realize my dreams are valid–make them a reality.

What are you feeling connected (or reconnecting)with?

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11 Responses to Connect: mandala

  1. wini says:

    Hi Regina, I LOVE this mandala as a symbol for connectivity. Such beautiful, inspiring and meaningful artwork. May you achieve all that you wish for! I’m reconnecting to self & creativity and my creative journey right now. Have a great day! Wini

  2. anne says:

    beautiful post! love that you said really listening, it’s something I attempt to do, it can be challenging sometimes though.

  3. hi, i have been following your blog for a few weeks now but i have never commented. i just wanted to say that this mandala is beautiful and i loved reading about what you working on connecting with. i find your blog very inspiring (though i am not an “artist”) and i am trying my best to be creative everyday. i will have to think more on healthy connections…

    thank you for blogging.

  4. Oh what a great list Regina! Such a good reminder…

  5. ~Ahrisha~ says:

    Hi Regina, Love hearing your thoughts. I am willing to assist you in connecting with your creativity. Here’s how. I knit & Spin and often after a project is finished I have a few yards of yarn left over. Now I know you are thinking wool yarn but it varys and many are like the yarns you buy on ebay for your tags. If you would like I would be happy to gift them to you to use in your crafting. Just because you are a giving and caring friend I want to give back. What say you?
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. Melly-D says:

    I always enjoy your art and craft and also look to creative everyday for inspiration and just a little focus for arty expression when life as a mum,wife,worker and ‘plate spinner'(!!!)becomes too frantic.Thankyou for sharing what you do- I think you are very brave.x.

  7. tali says:

    i have recently moved back to where i grew up after 16 years of roaming. i am reconnecting with my home, some days are easy and some days are very hard. i am very happy where i am. also trying to reconnect with my pilates routine asap.

  8. cathie says:

    What a wonderful way to connect with your feelings, wishes, and goals. You are an inspiration.

  9. leah says:

    Oh my goodness, I adore your connect mandala and explorations of your connections!

  10. I love and adore you my dear. Always have and always will. Mandalas make me smile and yours is so what I needed tonight. It’s day 10 or someone in this house being sick. It’s my turn right now. I’m sitting here visiting my favorite blogs and feeling inspired.
    You rock!

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