S is for spooky

I’m full force into Halloween mode.  Having a hard time doing much else.  The boys love Halloween stuff, gross stuff , bugs, slime, you name it. So, we’ve been going all out. My littlest guy has been my big time helper. He loves to paint, draw and cut.

We made a couple of garlands today. A Halloween bunting and a “spooky” garland. The bunting is made from holiday fabric on sale at JoAnn’s.   The Spooky garland is made out of scrapbook paper, buttons and glitter.  Martha Stewart glitters rocks like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s the best.  I might be gliterizing a few plastic bugs tomorrow.

See the little ghosts in our fire place below? They are completely I-guy’s idea.  He thought we should have something spooky in the fireplace too, especially since we don’t use it.  He drew them and cut them out with just a teeny bit of help. I LOVE them the best so far. It never occurred to me to put something inside the fireplace.

Tomorrow, I-guy wants to make some of these. Hopefully we’ll find a few sports socks in Daddy’s drawer. Also, check out my excellent stash from Michelle’s charm swap.  I am working on displaying them on some dry tree branches.

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2 Responses to S is for spooky

  1. Michelle Z. says:

    We had to run out yesterday and buy new socks to make that skeleton. I can’t remember the last time I was that excited to make something, LOL.

  2. kirsten says:

    yep, I have to go buy new socks, too – darn it! I was going to put cheesecloth ghosts in my fireplace – but I have yet to find the starch I need. Maybe it’ll still happen…

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