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I finished my small stack of tea wallets.  I love little stacks of handmade things.  But, now it is a very small stack because my friend came by and bought a couple. I’ll be putting what is left in my shop tomorrow.

relax ~ be well ~ drink some tea ~ rejuvenate ~ replenish

I really do enjoy combining my love of sewing and of painting in one little item that you can take everywhere with you. Normally I don’t enjoy sewing the same thing over and over again.  But with these, I really enjoyed the process.  I started with mini paintings on canvas, which are then sewn onto fabric and made into tea wallets.  I love using my stash of vintage linen for the inside pockets.

I made one for myself a while back and I take it to work with me and on trips.  I can carry up to eighteen packs of tea, if I want, and have plenty to share with others. I always carry Echinacea Plus, Throat Care, Tazo Chai , Mayan Spice and Green tea Kombucha.  It’s so nice to offer a cup of tea to someone who might need it. Mmmmmm, I think I’ll make a pot right now!

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11 Responses to winners & wallets

  1. manuela says:

    tea wallets – what a great and kind idea! They are beautiful, so is the stack photo!

  2. leah says:

    these are adorable! i love the way you’re combining sewing and painting too. i’d love to try that someday.

  3. Those tea wallets are beautiful!!!! Realy love the painted cloth.

  4. linda says:

    Beautiful tea wallets…they are so colorful and happy!

  5. bimbi says:

    wow, great colors. i love them 🙂

  6. angela says:

    Yipee! Thanks so much! Now, you should stop by and enter my giveaway for ecostore USA.
    Love the tea wallets..The paintings on the front just make them gorgeous! And yes, a cup of tea sounds great right about now.

  7. sofy says:

    They turned out really nice!
    Never seen painted cloth in that way – pretty cool:)

  8. jenny says:

    So great!! I always carry tea bags with me in my bag and they usually end up getting destroyed!

  9. ashley tisdale says:


  10. ?erife in Turkey says:

    I will try immediately !!!

  11. busra says:

    ?’m turkish.? live in turkey .I WANT TO MAKE IT BUT I DON’T KNOW 😀

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