AED ~ finished owls and my new book

Here are my finished little owl ornaments for Amy’s Ornament Swap. Yay! They are done and not even due until Dec 4th… I think. Yes, yes December 4th. I am never done early for an Amy swap. I would have been late again this year had she not moved the date back a bit. Thanks Amy.

AND this came in the mail yesterday. A book!! A One Yard Wonders book…. that I am in!!!

I was surprised to see my scrunchie bag in the book. I had almost forgotten what it looked like. It seems ages ago that I made it and sent it off.

It has been an absolute delight looking through this book to see ALL of the amazing contributions.  A great book to put on thee ol’ wish list.

Now, I am off to battle and conquer this stupid cough I have. It’s the cough that lingers. UGH!!!


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9 Responses to AED ~ finished owls and my new book

  1. leah says:

    yay! congrats on your work in the book. that’s wonderful!

    and oh my, those little owls are so cute!!

  2. Am loving the owls but you know me and owls. Have the Awe-manac coming via santa claus too, very much looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    Your ornaments are just lovely!

  4. Michelle says:

    Congrats on your feature in One Yard Wonders! Those owls are so adorable. The swappers are super lucky!!

  5. Congratulations on the book!! Cute bag! That is so exciting. Great job on the owls too!!

  6. Patty Palmer says:

    Wow! Love the ornaments. Very very cute and clever, I might add.

  7. Michele C says:

    Yeah! I finally made it and got to join all the cool girls in a book! One of my dreams come true. Mine is page 118 – the beachtime towel tote. However, with just one photo, one can’t really see what’s so great about the bag. Thus, I made a little picture story on my flickr here –

  8. Anne Price says:


    I am very new to sewing (just took my sewing machine out of the box 3 days ago) and this book was given to me as a wedding gift in May. I have plans to meet up with a friend of mine next week to make this bag! I just searched, “scrunchie bag” on Google and a picture leading to your blog was the first result! I’m delighted to discover its maker! I hope mine turns out well. I intend on giving it to a friend as a birthday gift if it does =)

    Oh, and to Michele C — I intend on making that beachtime towel tote and I was very excited to see the additional pictures!


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