for brother

Both Super-E and I-guy spent private sessions alone with me in my craft room making little stuffed gifts for each other. I-guy, the little one, wanted to make an owl for his brother, since there has been a big interest in Guardians of Ga’hoole.  I-guy spent the whole time with me, very interested in the process, helping with all the embroidery stitching, felt and button choices. He did ALL the stitching on the eyes, beak, and chest and was so, so proud!

Then, Super-E wanted to make his brother Picachu, which happens to be I-guy’s favorite color– yellow. So, that is what we made.  Super-E couldn’t wait to escape the craft room. He did the directing and choosing of things and dashed away as fast as he could.  It’s alright though.  I couldn’t torture the poor kid and his heart was still very much in the right place.

When they gave eachother their gifts, there was so much excitement and love shared.  They both adore their gifts and keep them close at bedtime.

These two, I can honestly say, are best of friends. They definitely have their moments, of course, but Super-E is extremely patient and nurturing and the little guy can’t WAIT for his big brother to get home from school everyday.  What more could a mom ask for.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I had to hop back over to relink to Christine Kane’s Word of the Year blog you had posted (thank you for that, I am sharing with my blog readers as well), and here you have posted two of the cutest little plush I have seen. I totally love the idea of the boys making them for each other, and i love how you appreciate their differing interests in the process! I’m sure they will treasure their gifts always.

  2. Paula says:

    My guys are now 24 and 21 and they are still very close. I’m sure your boys will be lifetime best friends!!! Very sweet gifts they made for each other.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh, so stinkin’ cute. The boys and the stuffies! I so, so, so wish my girls would get along like that. Right now, it’s a one way street, though. The baby idolizes big sis, and I think big sis just resents the little one for coming along. Sigh. Hopefully one day Rebecca will return the love…

  4. Maike says:

    Those pictures are simply heartwarming. I don’t have children yet, but my boyfriend and I want to have at least 3 (well he wants to have 3, the “at least” is coming from me *g*). I hope they will get along as great as your boys do =) Just great!!!

  5. Jessica says:

    Wow! I am so inspired. BTW, your boys look so much like you!

  6. Mousy Brown says:

    What gorgeous little men! And what gorgeous gifts they made! You are a very lucky mama 🙂

  7. Taryn says:

    Wow! Those pictures are great! I couldn’t get my kids to even pose like that…..even if I offered to pay them!! lol

  8. bethany says:

    Those are some swell brothers. Really lovely!

  9. Alexandra says:

    mmm, this post warms my heart!

  10. Aunt Jenny says:

    Those little guys are just simply the most incredible little people and those pictures of them really capture the sweet brotherly love they share. Thanks for sharing and brightening my day! I love you sista!

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