valentines and other stuff

I wanted to share some of the valentines I received in my exchange. I was fun, and quite manageable, to do a little swap like that. From left to right: Beautiful “inspire” heart cut-out by Mousy Brown, “you are here” bookmark and magnet by CozyBlue and wonderful little bird by Mikala Creations.  Thanks so much ladies for swapping with me!

I also received a nice big valentine package from my friend Linda. It was such a wonderful surprise.

Included in the package were couple of really great Japanese books, some patterns, trims, ribbon and some beautiful jewelry. I ran out of time and didn’t get to take a picture of everything.I actually really like the patterns and am going to see if all the pieces are there.

And looksie here. This cute printable calender from Alex. Isn’t it fun? It was actually a little birthday gift a few weeks back. Please take a look at Alex’s vintage inspired jewelry and other vintage items.

On another note:
* I have decided not to make the origami wrap. I received my fabric and was so excited to try it out, but I just can’t get it to drape right. I’ve pinned it together, tried it on, re-pinned it over and over again. I think the knit fabric I bought is just a little too heavy to work. I might re-make my wrap instead and try to refine the pattern I made.

* We made some of this raw chocolate pudding a couple of days ago and it was quite good. Our cocoa powder is a bit too bitter and I only added 1/4 cup. I think It would be better without it next time (or I need a different cocoa powder).

* I want to make these tortillas. I have my grandmother’s most excellent recipe, but these have walnuts for the fat. I’m intrigued.

* I made these banana-maple oatmeal cookies today. I used ground flax seed (for the egg) and want to try them next with dried cranberries instead of raisins. Healthy and tasty and the kids liked them. They are almost gone.

* I think I’ve been eating too much!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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3 Responses to valentines and other stuff

  1. thanks so much for posting about me 🙂
    and those cookies sound yummy – i always eat too much when i bake!

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    I am glad it got there safe! I really enjoyed taking part – Thank you 😀

  3. Benita says:

    I’m curious about this swap thing.. it sounds awesome, (and exciting!!) can ordinary people do it too? (i mean ppl that aren’t amazing crafties) how do you get involved??

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