Spots of green

Following suit with some simple blogging, from wishstudio (via dana).

Enjoying the warmth of bright sunshine, Super-E finds a nice spot up on the back wall.

Bits of new growth found on our baby pomegranate tree.

Rocky coming our of hibernation to bask in the sun.

First bloom of roses

Buds on the grapefruit tree.

Hope you had a lovely, green St. Patty’s day!

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5 Responses to Spots of green

  1. Maike says:

    I truly envy you =) Although Spring is definitely arriving here, it is still wayyyyy to cold to even think of short pants. So my legs are still more or less patiently waiting underneath layers of wool, looking pale. Hmpf…

  2. upstatelisa says:

    beautiful! we are still looking for buds in upstate NY!

  3. Pomegranate trees, grapefruits, roses in bloom and turtles – Wow! “that sounds fun”, my 7 year old has to say. We don’t see any of those in New England in March!

  4. Teresa says:

    Wow – all that spring – and we still have snow…

  5. glad to see you are back and going simple.

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