strawberry time

The organic strawberries and blackberries have been on sale, so we have be buying them all week. They are so good and disappear quickly.

Earlier in the week I found a vegan recipe for gelato and decided to modify it by adding pureed strawberries.  It was pretty yummy.  I made the original version a few weeks ago and it was a little creamier than the strawberry version. I wonder if was the strawberries or if I did something wrong.  It was still very good.

Speaking of vegan treats, I was sent some Primal strips (meatless vegan jerky) recently, and was asked to give a review.  Although I was never a big fan of jerky when I did eat meat, I thought it might be interesting to try them out. It turned out to be a really fun little experiment with the family. We divided each flavor into four pieces and gave them all a try.  They were pretty dang tasty and the texture was chewy giving us a nice jaw workout. Our favorites were the Texas BBQ and the Teriyaki.  I also liked the Thai peanut.  The one with the best texture was the Hot & Spicy flavor, made from shiitaki mushrooms, but unfortunately it was a little to spicy for us.   I usually don’t buy processed fake meat items, but these might make a fun snack on a big hike or camping treat.

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2 Responses to strawberry time

  1. Super Karen says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have been curious about the Primal Strips. Several of my friends have mentioned their existence, but none of my friends have actually tried them yet.

  2. dawn says:

    We’ve been looking at some of the vegan jerky too so it is nice to see a review. It’s nice to have snack options especially with summer holidays around the corner. Thanks!

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