on the table

What’s on the table besides food?

I wanted to fancy up the table a bit since my roses stopped blooming. I really do miss having them on my table for the last 4 weeks. Rocky is missing his rose petal salads too. So, I had to make some paper ones, at least for the color.  I made them from a Martha Stewart video. They were fun to make while watching play-it-now movies on Netflix.

After I made them, I needed vases to put them in so I spray painted some bottles from the recycle bin. I followed Blaire’s advice for the painting.

Well then, I couldn’t just place the bottles (now vases) on  a plain, bare table, now could I?   So, then I had to paint a table runner. I have a huge roll of primed canvas that I cut, hemmed and painted (copying my pillow design). Then I sealed it with a few coats of matte gel medium.

Now if we (I) could learn to keep the table cleared and clean.

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6 Responses to on the table

  1. Erin Leigh says:

    You areso, um… creative + resourceful! love this + love the idea of painting old bottles+ jars to brighten things up. i have so many that Idon’t know what to dowith. Now i know… makes me want to make! Thanks Regina.

  2. Renee says:

    The flowers are so bright and cheerful. The bottles made great vases and your table runner is so pretty. Very creative.

  3. Cassi says:

    Love it all, especially the table runner!

  4. bitterbetty says:

    you lead the brightest life!

  5. Teresa says:

    Love the roses – but especially that runner – it’s beautiful!

  6. move over Martha! wow! that whole set up looks fantastic!!! Love the recycled bottle idea!

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