raspberry red

raspberry red bouquet
4 x 4 canvas

Here are my contributions for Louise’s Color Challenge. I really love how I am being challenged by colors I would not normally use. Like red. I don’t normally use large amounts of red, especially an entire painting full.

raspberry red girl
4 x 4 canvas

I find it a little difficult to paint with a limited color palette. Just red, black and white which I morphed into many pinks and grays. Still, I think it is good to stretch the creative muscles in new ways.

To get me started, first I did my usual flickr search for inspiring red ideas. It’s always the first place I go.

1. Red Raspberries II, 2. Crochet red scarf Morning Rose, 3. our red/raspberry wall, 4. Red Buttons, 5. SWAPBOT – RED WINE PC #2, 6. Study in Red – for Jules, 7. Fiesta Detail, 8. Raspberry Kiss, 9. Inspired by Red Roses, 10. Oh, Frida…, 11. i think these were salmonberry flowers, but i can’t remember, 12. White Chocolate and Raspberry Pie, 13. the angels wanna wear my red shoes, 14. A Mexican Dress Huichol Art , 15. i-scream with jam, 16. raspberry limeade

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7 Responses to raspberry red

  1. Vanilla says:

    That is a beautiful painting. I love the various shades of red, magenta and pink. I myself paint a lot in red. It is very stimulant. I love to see the red paintings on the wall.

  2. Michelle says:

    Raspberries are my favorite berry…

    Your color is just gorgeous. Love the bouquet!

  3. Benita says:

    i love the boquet!! its so warm and modern, and simple, and buttony, and HAPPY!

  4. Renee says:

    Great painting. When I first saw it I thought it was fabric and buttons. Great texture.

  5. Jessica says:

    Love it. You are inspiring me to do a color series of photographs. That would be fun . . .

  6. Louise Gale "Dream, Inspire, Create" says:

    These are both wonderful pieces. It really is a bit of a challenge isnt it! Amazing whats going on already. I was also finding the red morphing to pinks too which is okay! Artfest app all sent in, so look forward to seeing you sweetie. xxx

  7. Nancy Rector says:

    You have actually inspired me to try my hand at acrylic painting. My husband and all my kids are very gifted at art. Always felt I had no skill… especially compared to them! But your posts and paintings have really made me want to try. I might surprise myself. Ü


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