Halloween Kitty

I guess I am totally on a Halloween kick. I’ve been having visions of our kitty dressed up for Halloween, so rather than dressing her up (and getting my hands ripped to shreds) I painted a dressed up kitty instead.

Our kitty is actually black, so she is already dressed up. So I made this little guy gray.  He’s not too happy about being dressed up mostly because he is also wearing knickers. Poor guy.

And, the winner of that very cool Halloween Book is….. Sarah : Love in the suburbs.   Thanks everyone for participating.

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5 Responses to Halloween Kitty

  1. elsa says:

    oh, I do love your work! it’s just so lovely!

  2. kristie says:

    oh, this is adorable! i know what you mean about wanting to dress kitty up for halloween…i tried it once…it didn’t go very well at all. said costume was shredded to bits.

  3. Maribeth says:

    It is Halloween central here – most excellent. I like this cat, he is modern and vintage all at once.

  4. Renee says:

    He’s adorable. He has a vintage look.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Oh Regina!
    You’ve combined yet again, my two favorites, cats and Halloween!
    I love this. Thanks for sharing as always and keep creating~

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