little witches

Instead of making my children their costumes, I opted to quietly stress about it and make little witches instead.

I bought some cool digital images from Tumble Fish Studio and had a load of fun playing, cutting, gluing and sprinkling glitter. Much better than making costumes, don’t you think? Didn’t take me too long. I did most of it while watch Witches of Eastwick on Netflix.

They went to some of the little witches in my life–the good ones. My sisters and my mother and then some friends at work.

Now for the Halloween costumes? Nope, I’ve thrown in the towel for the first time ever.  I went and bought some. The kids want to be Mario & Luigi and I just couldn’t face my sewing machine. Plus, I have to work all week and prepare for a school party.  All of it would have put me into scary mommy freak out mode, which would have not been pretty.  I know Papa Kismet is happy about eliminating that.  I feel bad, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. Sigh…

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5 Responses to little witches

  1. Michelle says:

    You’re a smart, smart woman. Scary Mommy is not a good Halloween trick, I’m sure it will be much much more fun for everyone this way. Your decorations and art have been festive enough!

  2. upstatelisa says:

    I love the witches. Nothing wrong with a store bought costume 🙂 esp when it is stress free!

  3. elsa says:

    very sweet witches! and store bought costumes … really smart idea!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Love your witches! They look like lots of fun to make. Don’t feel bad about store bought costumes, my daughter saw one in a store and had to have it. She has worn it many times now.

  5. Super Karen says:

    Your witches are adorable!! It’s refreshing that you are prioritizing and taking care of yourself by not making the costumes! Yay!! Plus! Did you see the ultra-cool Star Wars costumes!?! So, cute!

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