holiday swag

I made a couple of things today…

A pretty swag for my front door. It’s made with the trimmed branches from our tree and a little fancy, glittery piece from Michael’s.  I’m in love with the plaid ribbon I found at JoAnn’s. Tomorrow I’m hoping to make some potpourri with the remaining bits of branch, some pine cones, cinnamon and clove. Maybe some essential oils too.

I also made an easy, peasy pin-up wreath with an embroidery hoop and some of my favorite Christmas cards. It’s perfect for my large front window. Directions are from Martha, of course.

My Santa collection is up and my snow globe collection is out in full glory.  Love, love, love!

Now, if you have a minute, you must take a look over at Martha’s (if you haven’t already).  I’ve made one  magazine tree (behind my globes) which is the perfect thing to do while watching Glee. And now I want to make some cinnamon ornaments. YUM! That would certainly smell delicious and I’m sure the kids would really like that. Those paper trees are cute too!

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2 Responses to holiday swag

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful creations and decorations. By the way, I’ve heard great things about Glee. I’ll have to check it out one of these days . . . I need a new quality show to get hooked on.

  2. Ahh, well done! It all looks great. 🙂

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