Be charming: wine charm how to

I thought these would make great hostess gifts if your planning on going to any Christmas parties.  I usually take a bottle of wine, but even better would be something that can be reuse and enjoyed long after the holidays.

Here is what you will need (I found everything at Michael’s, but there are on-line options as well).

36g soft aluminum tooling foil (comes in rolls or sheets)
38g brass tooling foil (comes in rolls or sheets) brass is more sturdy than the aluminum.
Alcohol inks*, in various colors.  Sharpie markers** work well too.
wire hoops
large jumprings
pencil, scissors and awl
mouse pad
fine sandpaper

*alcohol inks are very vibrant, give a tie-dye effect and are somewhat difficult to control, but are very fun to play with. **Sharpie markers work nicely and give you more control. Both are permanent and water proof.

1.  Cut 3/4 inch circles out of the brass, and 1″ circles out of the aluminum.
2. Using the 1″ aluminum circles, your pencil and mouse pad, crimp the edges. First draw lines all around the perimeter, making sure lines are evenly spaced. Then flip over and repeat , making lines in between original marks.  Using the soft aluminum gives a very nice crimped look (see image above).

3. With smaller, brass circles,  draw design. Make hearts, stars, words, whatever you like. I thought snowflakes would be very pretty too.

4.  If you want an embossed look (where the image is raised ~ see ‘joy’ charm above) , make your image and words reversed, so that words are readable, and paint on other side.  If you like it impressed (see ‘star’ charm) then just make your design and paint on that side.
5.  Now paint your charms however you like. Allow to dry (only a minute or so).
6. If you have made an embossed image, you can very lightly sand the raised areas, making the design show.
7. Place painted circle centered onto crimped circle and make a small hole through both layers using your awl.

8. Add jump ring through both and close tight. Here’s a great little video on how to use jump rings.
9. Simply add to your wire hoops and you are done.  Add a few beads to make it even prettier.  Watch this little video on how to use those wire hoops (you only need to watch the first minute).  Done!

Happy gift giving!

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7 Responses to Be charming: wine charm how to

  1. amy says:

    so cute!

    i love those alcohol inks and need to remember to use them more often…thank goodness i have friends like you who remind me with snazzy projects like this :).

  2. kristie says:

    how cute! you are so creative. i had no idea they sold the metal stuff at michaels.

  3. Jessica says:

    Love them! I’d love to get a set from you. Are you selling them in your etsy shop?

  4. Kelly says:

    I love the bright colors. Thanks for sharing

  5. stacy says:

    these would make great gifts. Thanks

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