holiday bling: part II

Some more shiny stuff to make you holidays sparkle.

First, some paper clay magnets.  I rolled out the clay, cut out circles and stamped them with my favorite stamps. Then I used some gold leaf on the outer areas and gave them a nice coat of satin varnish.  I was going for a ceramic look.

Then I made these fun party rings a few weeks ago too. They’d be great for a little holiday gathering, don’t you think?

Again I used paper clay, added little sparkly acrylic rhinestones before they dried and then painted them up  with some pretty metallic colors. They are glued onto ring blanks. I gave them out at my little work party (8 lactation nurses) and they made a fun party favor.

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2 Responses to holiday bling: part II

  1. Super cute! I’m really impressed with all of your clay makings. Inspiring. 🙂

  2. Wow those are really neat! They have an Old World gilded frame look to them. I have never worked with paper clay. I take it, that you let them air dry rather than bake them? The only paper I’ve worked with is paper pulp for making handmade paper and castings but never the clay version. Sounds intriguing!

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