blankets for my babes

Here is a peek at two quilts I started for my guys. They fit perfectly on their twin size bunk beds. No over hang.

The top one is yellow/green zig-zig pattern for my little guy. He picked all the fabric himself. The other blanket is a diamond pattern. The color choices were red, yellow, green & black. I threw in a bit of blue and gray too.

I’ve already sewn the tops together and have pinned them to the cotton/bamboo lining and back piece. Now I’m totally afraid to quilt them on my machine, which is what I really wanted to do. But now, I’m thinking I should just tie them together. Any tips, suggestions?  Ack!!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Those are so AWESOME! I love the sunny yellow zigzag one…

  2. beth lehman says:

    LOVE them – so intimidating, isn’t it to start out. I’d say for me that I’ve had two tops sitting b/c I’m afraid of straight line quilting – and now I’m thinking I wish they were done already. Do what you are comfortable with so your kids can enjoy them. For me, that means stippling….!!

  3. These are great! Quilting is on my list of things to learn in my lifetime! I just found you through Misty Mawn’s art workshop fb community… so glad to meet you and get to know you through your blog. (I did the ornament swap, too! So fun.)

  4. those are really cute quilts. your boys are lucky to have such a talented mama.

  5. elsa says:

    oh, quilt them on your machine! I was a little afraid to do my first machine quilting but oh, it turned out so nice and I was really glad that I did it. And, everyone of my friends were impressed!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Quilt them on your machine! you can do it!
    i alway practice my quilting on a placemat size scrap in order to loosen up, then I go for it!
    i’ve only done one crib size quilt so far… i will tell you this: it can be physical, giving you sore shoulders and neck! take breaks, stretch, take your time! do it!

  7. Those look great! Definitely quilt them on your machine! 🙂 Have you not machine quilted before?

    If you do straight line quilting, definitely make sure to use a walking foot. If you want to do some free motion, practice makes perfect & is definitely your friend 🙂 Wish you were closer & we could get together for a day of quilting 🙂

  8. Anjeanette says:

    I found that spray adhesive made for quilting works wonders!! You spray the back of your quilt top, smooth it onto your batting, spray the wrong side of your backing and smooth it onto your batting. I can never get my quilts to stay together nicely without spray adhesive. I’m interested to know what you do!

  9. Michelle says:

    Yes! Spray adhesive, lots and lots of pins, walking foot, and mind your shoulders (you get tense and then hunch over and that’s not a good combo). You can do it, I’m sure and if you’re not pleased with one… then tie the second. Ha! :0)

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